Cities of Macedonia: Ohrid

Located on the shore of the same lake City Ohrid – one of the oldest in the Balkans.

Ancient Lichnide, who flourished in the times of Great Macedonia, during the Roman Empire guarded the shortest path from Rome to Malny Asia – Via Egnatia, and later only strengthened his position. Neither numerous wars, no earthquakes, could not cause a city of some noticeable damage, so in our days Ohrid is one of the most interesting cities of the Balkan. Slavic tribes that settled this area at the beginning of the VII century, began to call him "A-sophzy" ("on a hill"), from where and went to the modern name.

Ohrid is famous for its architectural monuments – real masterpieces are the fortress Samuel (XI in.) with walls height 16 m., Gate Mountain Port (XVIII in.), Basilica Sveti Sofia (XI in., The Turkis Church itself was rebuilt into the mosque) in the old city center, the church of Sveti Clement (Church of the Virgin Perivleplove, 1295., Restored in 2002.) with unique frescoes and gallery Ohrid icons XI-XIX centuries., Palace Relow (1827 g., Now here is an archaeological museum), Mosque Imaret (rebuilt by Turks Monastery Sveti Panteleimon, IX in.), Ruins of early Christian Basilica with amazing mosaics with anthropomorphic descriptions of four Raja Rivers (V in.) in the plate, housing. Panteleimon (currently museum) in the park under Samuel’s fortress, Church of Sveti Jowan Kaneo (XIII in.) on the Cape of the same name, the National Ohrid Museum with an excellent antique collection and the ruins of the ancient theater in the central part of the city (Varosh).

And the city of Ohrid, and the Ohrid Lake in 1979 were introduced by UNESCO in the list of world natural and cultural heritage.

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Cities of Macedonia Ohrid

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