Livan City: Beirut

Beirut (Beirut) – one of the oldest cities in the world. Once nicknamed "Paris of the Middle East", This, inhabited by the Epoch of the Paleolithic city, is a real pearl of the Eastern Mediterranean, and even the heritage of the civil war could not diminish its charm.

The heart of Beirut is considered to consider the Hamra district, which is the trading and financial core of the capital, in which most shops, banks, restaurants and cinemas are concentrated. The big palace is interesting here (Grand seraille, 1853.), Hour tower (1897.), Beirut Archaeological Park and the Archaeological Museum of the American University of Beirut with an extensive beach nearby, numerous Ruins of Roman buildings, a luxurious National Museum, Private Museum of Sursok in the Ashraphia area, Parliament Building on Etoile Square, Lebanese National Museum, Cathedrals. George and St. Ilya, Armenian, Syrian Catholic and Maronite Patriarchates, Naberezhnye Cornish and Rausch, Casino Building, Pigeon Rocks, Famous Beirut Lighthouse Manara, Moon Park and Beautiful Sandy Rafic Hariri Beach Beaches. This part of the city is populated predominantly by Christians, and therefore, there is a busy nightlife.

In the southern part of the city attract the attention of the hippodrome, Villa "Pines" (now here is the Embassy of France), the mosque of the lober, the Mosque of Assaf and Amir, the magnificent Arcade Maarad Street, Roman columns in the square of non-soul, the Martyr Fortress, and "Dog River" (13 km. north of Beirut), on the rocks near which left their "Autographs" Numerous conquerors, from the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar and Ramses II, to the soldier of the French army who left Lebanon in 1946.

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Beirut, Lebanon

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Cities of Livan Beirut

About Lebanon

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Two days in Lebanon

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Cities of Livan Beirut

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