Lithuania: Klaipeda

Klaipeda (former memel) – a major non-freezing seaport on the shores of the Curonian Gulf and one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, founded in 1252 as a castle Memelburg.

The city suffered greatly during World War II, but the remains of the castle in the Curonian spit, numerous theaters and galleries (XVII-XVIII centuries.), the quarters of old stone warehouses (the oldest of them belong to the XVIII in.), Magistrate Buildings (1770 g.) and theater (1870s.). Interesting Music Theater, Drama Theater, Museum of Forging Products with Unique Iron Crosses from the Old Cemetery of the City, Museum of Hours, Local Lore Museum, Art Gallery, Sculptural Park "Mazvidas", Museum of the History of Malaya Lithuania, Lithuanian Maritime Museum, as well as aquarium in the building of the Old Fort and Dolphinarium.

Near the city is a unique natural monument – the famous Curonian Spit (Kursia Sturdy), which is almost 100 km of a unique sandy braid with dunes and pine forests, meadows and sandy wastelands, raw crafts and dry wide forests, separating the sea and the Curonian Bay.

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Travel Notes on Car Travel in Lithuania

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Evgeny and Elena Hotulyov | August 2014

Cities of Lithuania Klaipeda

Industry. Gargendy

As is in fact, the average statistical condition is probably the beam of everything you can appreciate in the usual small town, for example, Gargoray near Klaipeda. Read more →

GeSualdo | March 2017


Small quarters of private and apartment buildings, the beginning of the last century, pre-war period, specific modernism, the old, Penglish device of the city and the post-war period. Read more →

Cities of Lithuania Klaipeda

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