City of Liechtenstein: Vaduz

The capital Vaduz is an ancient city with a rich history. For centuries of the princes of Liechtenstein, the struggle for the independence of his tiny country, the defensive structures and strong houses from wild stones were built in centuries. Therefore, a significant part of the country’s attractions is concentrated in the capital.

Be sure to visit "Old city" between Stadtle and Oleshtra├če, Prince Castle (IX B., access is limited), gothic Capella (XV B.), old hotel "Gasthof Lyuven" (1388 g., It works so far) with a vineyard belonging to it, Winery Vaduta, famous for their wines and architecture of their buildings and broken around the park.

Worthy visits National Museum (Landesmuseum) with an excellent collection of coins, weapons, exposures of folk and historical themes, unique Museum of postage marks (presented all sorts of stamps and everything related to them, starting from 1912.), world famous Art Museum On Stadtla Street with a luxurious collection of cloths "Old masters", original Museum of countable cars On finisrasse, Ski Museum, As well as many small houses with a characteristic local style that give the capital a characteristic provincial appearance, which only enhances its charm.

From the princely castle you can admire the majestic panorama of the nearby Constance Lake and the Rhine Valley. You can climb on the way slightly above the capital and visit the place TRISENBERG, which is famous for his domed church, luxurious landscape and museum of ethnic commune Valzer. Here many centuries live Ethnic Swiss, who moved here XIII in. And still speaking on a characteristic dialect Valzer.

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This dwarf state is located in the valley of the picturesque Alps. Tiny towns are located on the elevations and amaze clean, accuracy. Everywhere reigns the spirit of well-being. Read more →

Cities of Liechtenstein Vaduz

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Green, Yellow, Red – Liechtenstein Beautiful

In Lichtens, you can get the only type of public transport – by bus from Austria or Switzerland. There are no railways in Liechtenstein, and the airport took was a third of the country’s territory read more →


Capital – Vaduz. Tiny town, poor streets, expensive cars. Liechtensteins do not trust united European currency, preferring Swiss francs, they have their own numbers to read more →

Cities of Liechtenstein Vaduz

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