Libya Cities: Tripoli

The capital of Libya, the city of Tripoli was founded by the Phoenicians under the name of OEA in VII in. to N. NS. Nowadays, this amazingly beautiful city is often even called it with a shaped name – Arusa Al-Bahar al-Mutavassat ("Mediterranean Bride"), although Arabs called His Tarabulus-El Garb.

The old part of the city still retains the form peculiar to many cities of the Arab East: low (in one or two floors) Houses with flat roofs, aspiring in the sky Minars of mosques, colorful and noisy oriental bazaars. In the Tripoli and other places, the ancient buildings were preserved, erected by another Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans.

Cities of Libya Tripoli

You should pay attention to the Akhmad Pasha Karamanli Mosque, one of the most attractive in the city. Located at the entrance to the central market, at a short distance from the palace, it was erected in 1711 the founder of the Karamannian dynasty and the Governor of Tripoli Ahmad Pasha. In the center of her roof over the decorated magnificent modeling sanctuary, 25 domes. A separate room is intended for the tomb of the very Ahmad Pasha and his family members, and octagonal minaret in the typical Turkish style is elevated above it.

Mosque in-net (camel mosque) – the oldest mosque in Tripoli. Gurgi’s mosque built by Yusuf Gurga in 1833, causes interest in many tourists with its elegant architecture – its nine columns support the roof with sixteen small domes. Minaret mosque, the highest of all minarets of tripoli, octagonal form and has two balconies. Al-Jami Mosque, built by the Ottoman ruler of the country in 1640, is one of the recognized masterpieces of Eastern architecture, her walls keep a lot of curious inscriptions. It is also called "Grand Mosque Tripoli".

Cities of Libya Tripoli

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