Cities of Lebanon: Tripoli

Tripoli (Trablos, Tripoli) – the second largest city of Lebanon and the main port of the northern part of the country.

Famous with IX in. to N. NS., The ancient Phoenician port of all his history was one of the largest trade and cultural centers of the Mediterranean.

In the old, eastern part of the city, a caravanserai (XIII in.), Abdel-Vahida Mosque (1306 g.), Tinal (XIV in.), Bratzia and another 12 medieval religious structures, al-Kartia Religious School and Over 20 Other Madrasa, Saint-Gilles Fortress (1103-1289.), quadugle "Lion tower" (XIII B.) in the port area, sauna ("Hammam", XVII B.) near the Golden Market and Hammam Iz-Ad-Dean (former Saint Jacques, XIV.), medieval markets (many of them work in our day), narrow streets and many well-preserved buildings of XIV in.

Of interest is also the castle of Mina and nearby Islands, on the largest of which – Palm Island, from 1922. There is a national reserve guarding rare species of birds and green turtles.

Cities of Lebanon Tripoli

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Cities of Lebanon Tripoli

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