Latvian City: Ventspils

Ventspils (www.Ventspils.LV) lies on the Baltic Sea coast 180 km from the capital.

Large industrial and shopping center, he managed to preserve and his unique face, and the purity of their beaches.

Count the fenced moles with a lighthouse mounted on the outskirts of southern mall (1814 g., Moles themselves serve in places for walking and recreation) Ventspils port, Olympic sports complex, one of the best in Eastern Europe Children’s amusement park (40 sites!), Ventspils Castle (XIII in.) with a unique museum, original fountains, the oldest residential building of the city – Ostlales (1646 g.), Primorsky Park (Area – 21 hectares.) With a fisheries museum and seaworthiness in the open air, a water park with three pools and various water attractions, "Triangle cafe" Liely’s street and dozens of entertainment institutions.

Not far from the city, in Ugan, there is a parish church (XVIII in.) with the oldest body in the country.

Reviews and studies of trips

Ventspils city

Immediately we see the port where the cranes carry the piles of coal, wood and God knows what else. And at the same time – the amazing cleanliness of the streets, the city is well maintained, washed to shine. Read more →

Cities of Latvia Ventspils

Dieztravel | Summer 2016

Ventspils port and shoe walk "Duke Ekab"

I am a sailor’s daughter, so the word "Ventspils" I am familiar from the earliest childhood. And Ventspils for me is primarily a port. Read more →

Dieztravel | Summer 2016

Ordinance castle Windows. Ventspils

Inside the castle there is an exposure dedicated to the Middle Ages, as well as along the corridors there are several ghosts, recreated with modern computer technologies. Read more →

Cities of Latvia Ventspils

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