Latvia city: Sigulda

Sigulda Resort ( – "Latvian Switzerland" and one of the most visited cities of Latvia.

The city is known for its National Park, the ruins of the Sigulda Castle, the ancient Turaida Castle (XIII in.), estate Prince Kropotkin (XIX in.) with the Turaid Lutheran Church (XVIII in.), sculpture park, as well as the stunning nature of the Gaui River Valley.

In Sigulda, there is one of the best bobslee routes of the world and even the ski center.

In the vicinity of the city attractive estate and castle of Birini (1860 g.), Palace Ygate (1880 g.), an old settlement on the Lake Arajshi and the ruins of the Araissky Castle (XIV-XVII centuries.).

Reviews and studies of trips

Cold nomad in Sigulda

Remembering this summer warm evening about the nomad in Sigulda, my bones begin to shout unrestrained, and the nose automatically gives a portion of snot. It was January 1 of this year. Read more →

Cities of Latvia Sigulda

WET GYPSY | January 2016

Sigulda and Turaida or 8 km with adventures

I just adore bad weather. And on this trip I was very lucky, Sigulda – was the perfect place. This is a small cozy city, next to which is the Gauja National Park. Read more →

modjaro | Spring 2015

Evening in the Turaid Reserve

If you go to the opposite of Sigulda, the shore of Gaui, and walk a couple of kilometers across the National Park, will certainly get to the Turaid Museum-Reserve. Read more →

Cities of Latvia Sigulda

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