Latvia Cities: Cesis

One of the most charming cities to the north-east of Riga – Cesis (WWW.Cesis.LV) lying in the northern part of the Wise Hills, 38 km from Sigulda.

In this ancient city (founded in 1207 g.) come to inspect the settlement "Rijtest Kalis" ("Walnut mountain") With the remnants of ancient fortifications on the streets of Valnia and the Palast, the famous Cesis Castle (1237-1561.), up to 1561. serving the residence of the Master of the Livonian Order, "New castle" estate graph of Sivers (1777-1878., Now there is a cessis Historical Museum), Palace Park (founded in 1812.), Church of St. John (1283 g.) With an excellent body and old sunny clock, as well as the main monument of the city – a monument to Victory (1924-1998.).

The neighborhood of the city is one of the most picturesque places in Latvia, and besides, also having the exits of healing mineral waters, so there are many sanatoriums here.

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Livonian castles

What I like in the Baltic States is that any three boulders remaining from the castle they will restore, put near the guide and turn into a museum. Read more →

Lassecity | May 2015

Cities of Latvia Cesis

Latvia. Cesis

Cesis. City with a rich history based in the 13th century. From the old days, a large castle of the Livonian Order was preserved, the large church of St. John and several old streets. Read more →

avtolit | summer 2013

Trip to Latvia

Having in love with sad abandoned Liepaja houses, went to look for the sea. The sea is wonderful here! Even in April! I wanted to come in the summer to sunbathe. In the abandoned garrison town (Kosta), I did not want to go – enough rules in the residential part of the city. Summary: Oddly enough, I really liked the city, despite my gloomy and nestness! Read more →

Cities of Latvia Cesis

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