Laos Cities: Packs

Packs – the most important market city and large border point, the largest city of South of Laos, his commercial and transport center.

The city is quite young – he was founded by the French in 1905 to control the major transport hub on Mekong (in these places the river reaches the largest width in all its length).

His sights include the temple of Wat Luang on the Sea-Don River Embankment, built by the last prince of Laos Palace Champasak (1974., Now there is a hotel here), a provincial museum with an excellent collection of decorative works of the Dangcore period, found around the city, the picturesque building of the Chinese community, as well as the Big Eastern Market, Public Park and Fish Farm on the Mekong River.

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Laos: Packs

Packs – the first semblance of the city in Laos. Although there are less than 100 thousand people, the city is part of the top three in Laos. At least there is not one street there, but there is a city center. Read more →

Cities of Laos Pakse

Juan | September 2016


Laos I decided to master from the south. Just not a long time ago, from Bangkok, they launched a regular bus to Lao City Packs. It is sent in the evening and goes to the goal all night. Somewhere 12. Read more →

One of the four thousand Laos Islands

There is no sea in Laos. But in the country there is an alternative to the sea – Sipndon, that translated from Lao means "4 thousand islands". They are located on the Mekong River in the south of the country, on the border with Cambodia. Read more →

Cities of Laos Pakse

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