Cities of Kyrgyzstan: Uzgen

One of the oldest cities of Central Asia, Uzgen lies in the south of Kyrgyzstan, in the Kara Daryia Valley, on the banks of the river Oh-Tal. The city originated in the early I Millennium as a commercial settlement of UZ (Uzgene), through which the caravan trails from Samarkand in Kashgar. Already by VIII-IX centuries. Uzgen throws up powerful walls, and by the XII century it becomes the capital of the Dynasty of the Karakanids and one of the centers of Fergana Khanate. Time almost did not leave us evidence of the former grandeur of the ancient Urgen, from his numerous non-militant mosques and madrasa to this day only the medieval planning of the city with one-story building and narrow streets, as well as minaret (XII century, height 44 m) with madrasa and three dynasty mausoleum Karakhanids – Medium (beginning of the XI B), North (1152-1153.) and southern (1186-1187.) decorated with a beautiful brick ornament. According to legends, the body of the National Hero of the country is resting in one of the mausoleums – Manas. Also, at a certain desire, it is possible to detect the remnants of the UzGgen Fortress, Mazara and the burials of the XI-XII centuries.

Cities of Kyrgyzstan Uzgen

Between Uzgen and the village of Kara-Kuldja there is a Kara-Daryinskie fortification (III-IV centuries. to N. NS.) and the town of Shoro-Bashat (area of ​​about 70 hectares, IV-V BB. to N. NS.) with extensive ruins of the times of the Kushan kingdom. Not far from the city is a seating area of ​​Kara-Shoro with the source of mineral waters, and the tourist center Salaam-Alik.

Cities of Kyrgyzstan Uzgen

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