Cities of Kazakhstan: Astana

Capital of Kazakhstan and the most modern city of Central Asia as a whole, Astana Could become an important tourist center due to its ultra-modern architecture and many interesting museums and recreation places. Basinal money is invested in the creation "Garden city" In the midst of the Kazakh steppes, on the site of a small provincial akmologist, which until the 1950s was a small miner’s village, when Khrushchev announced the mastering of virgin: 250 thousand square kilometers of the Kazakhstan steppes were rapid to wheat fields. Akmola has become the capital of this grand project and was renamed to the Tselinograd. Now this is a friendly and pretty low-rise city with a small number of attractive streets, but prone to strong steppe winds. The population here mainly make up the Kazakhs (70%), the ours, who previously established a majority of the population, today do not reach and third.

  • View of Evening Astana
  • Ak-Orda, residence of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Mosque "Hazret Sultan"

A number of higher educational institutions are functioning in Astana, including Eurasian University named l.Gumileva, Three Museums, two dramatic theater. It is planned to create in the capital of the National Library, the National Museum, the Art Gallery of Contemporary Art, Center for Socio-Economic Technologies, Business Center, Children’s Park, Water Park, Culture and Health Institutions.

    Cities of Kazakhstan Astana
  • Water-green boulevard
  • Palace of Peace and Consent
  • Main Mosque "Nur-Astana"

In the city of Big an airport with a variety of flights both in Kazakhstan and abroad. AIR ASTANA was created specifically for this city (today the largest in the country), for which Astana has become a hub. Through the train station, numerous trains run between the North and the South of Kazakhstan, trains coming from Russia to Kyrgyzstan and Almaty through Astana.

  • Astana International Airport
  • Symbol of Astana, "Baiterek"
  • Shopping and entertainment complex "Khan Shatyr"

200 kilometers north of Astana is a magnificent national park Borovoe (Buurabay), favorite vacation spot of residents of the capital. There are high-speed trains, time on the way – three hours.

To some extent, Astana can be called Dubai’s likeness, except without warm sea. Probably, the creators of the city. One way or another, but Astana is definitely worthy of visiting.

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Why don’t I like Astana?

Astana City is attractive, you can’t argue. But there is no personality in it, the home comfort is not felt in his external outlines. Astana is similar to the city in which they work. Read more →

Astana. River walk

Very good opportunity to see the city on the other hand, it is to choose a walk along the river, and the left and right-hand side of the city. All walks on small ship and cost enough cheap. Read more →

Astana. One bus. One glance

Alma-Ata still remains the financial center of the country, and Astana is converted into the semblance of Dubai. Astana I did not like it, it seems toy, not real, it is far from Singapore. Read more →

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