Cities of Japan to visit each

Japan is specially attractive for tourists from all over the world, and several cities are especially allocated, because they are most in demand for travelers in the country of the Rising Sun.

Japan, without any exaggeration, is one of those countries that dream to visit many and many people around the world. And most interesting are several cities that inevitably attract the largest number of tourists.

&# 8220; Cultural capital&# 8221; Japan can be considered Kyoto, the former capital that there is more than 1200 years. The historic center of the city has a special degree of conservation, many churches and monasteries of the city are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Even in Japan, many people dream of visiting Kyoto.

Osaka is a very interesting megapolis. Some people who are interested in learning Japanese, seek to visit this city because of a special dialect, on which the lion’s share of the population is communicated, the so-called Kansian dialect. Often the characters speaking such a dialect become the core of the Japanese comedy, and the Osaka theaters, such as the theater of the arts of Umday, support such a tendency.

Nara, Like Kyoto, the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the fact that the ancient shinto and Buddhist temples and monasteries reached this day. It is also an ancient capital of Japan to Kyoto. Deserve visits to museums dedicated to the history of Nara and Buddhist art.

Tokyo, Like the capital of Japan, automatically becomes the first city, which is visited by many tourists from all over the world. Tokyo is now a modern and huge megapolis, which can be interested in modern exhibition centers, entertainment neighborhoods, buildings in modern architecture, but it is in Tokyo one of the most beautiful seasons of Sakura flowering (or &# 8220; Khana&# 8221;).

Cities of Japan to visit each

Admire this inalienable attribute of Japanese spring is possible in many Tokyo parks, such as Weno Park. Interesting and others seasonal festivals called &# 8220; Matsouri&# 8221;, For example, Fireworks Festival, which is organized on the Sumida River.

Sapporo, The largest city of Hokkaido Island and the capital of the eponymous prefecture also deserves attention due to their snow festivals, which are held since 1950. Therefore, one of the most successful months for visiting Sapporo is February.

As part of the snow festivals, people not only have fun, but also Construct various snow sculptures on any subject. Also, Sapporo is notable for its Noodle Ramen, There are many restaurants in the city where you can try this traditional noodles. It is believed that the Sapporo can be the birthplace of the ram. Sapporo, by the way, at one time Having accepted the Winter Olympics, Like Nagano, which, in turn, is interesting to other noodles – buckwheat noodles. There, by the way, you can try to learn to make such a noodle.

Cities of Japan to visit each

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