Cities of Italy: Verona

The administrative center of the province of the same name, Verona is located in the north-east of Italy, near Lake Garda.

The city appeared, most likely, somewhere at the turn of IV and V in. to N. NS. And by the beginning of the new era, he reached his heyday as an important shopping center of the Roman Empire, managed not to divide her fate – when Rome fell under the tribes from the north, Verona continued to rich and by 1404 passed into the possession of the Venetian Republic. Therefore, many monuments of the city remained in excellent condition.

  • Panoramic view of Verona
  • PORTONI DELLA BRA Gate on Piazza-Bra
  • Statue of Juliet at home Cappuletsi
  • On the day of St.Valentina Verona turns into a city of love

Sights of Verona

The most significant objects include the Arena di Verona Amphitheater (I in.) on Piazza-Bra – The third largest in the world after the Colosseum in Rome and the Arena in Kapuye, the Roman fortress gates of the port-Borsary and Leoni (I – III BB. to N. NS.), Roman Theater (I in. to N. NS.), Arca Dei Gavi (I B. N. NS.) and Ponte Di Pietra Bridge (100 g. to N.NS).

  • Arena di Verona Amphitheater
  • Piazza-Bra
  • Ponte di Pietra Bridge
  • Cities of Italy Verona
  • Madonna Di Verona Fountain

The best samples of medieval architecture include Castelweeko (old castle, XII-XIV centuries., Separate buildings refer to i-IV centuries. N. NS.) and the same bridge (1355 g.) through the Aidijetto Channel, the picturesque Piazza del Erbe with Madonna di Verona fountain (1368 g.) and Domus-Mercator (Merchants house, XIV in.). On the next Piazza-del Signori Square (Erbe and Signori) bang Palazzo del Consillo (Loggia Fra-Jocondo, 1476-1493.) and Monument to Dante Aligiery (1865 g.).

  • Castelloveko
  • Medieval Fair on Piazza del Erbe
  • Piazza del Signori
  • Monument to Dante Aligiery
  • San Zeno Madzhiore
  • Palace of Justice, Lamberty Tower

Also in the center there are medieval town hall Palazzo-Communal From the Lambert Tower (1172 g.), Basilica San Zeno Madzhiore (IV-XIV BB.), medieval gate Port-Nova, Castle Palazzo-Maffee (XIV-XV BB.) with Torre del Gardello tower (XIV in.), famous houses Juliet (House Capuli, XIII in.) and Romeo (House Nogarolo, XIV B.), Basilica San Lorenzo (1177 G.), Most Ponte Scaligero (1356 g.) With the biggest arch of the span in the world – 48.7 meters, miniature Church of Santa Maria Antick (XII B.) with nearby necropolia, amazing gothic Basilica Saint Anastasia (1290-1481.) and the Cathedral Duomo (1187 G., expanded in the middle of the XV in.).

  • "Balcony Juliet"
  • Interior of Basilica San Lorenzo
  • Ponte Scaligero Bridge
  • Cathedral Duomo

Museums of Verona

Many in the city and museums, most famous of which are National Pinakotek, Archaeological Museum, Preservatory del Abaco and Verona University Collections.

Among the best palace and park complexes highlighted the Garden Garden.

Terms in Verona

Also here, in the northwestern district of Valpolicella (Valpolicella), is one of the largest thermal parks in Europe – Aquardens (WWW.Aquardens.IT). A variety of baths and swimming pools filled with bromine water, spa, saunas of three species (tonic, relaxing and cleansing), souls, a variety of treatments based on therapeutic dirt and use of scrubics are concentrated in an area of ​​60 thousand square meters. with soothing music or with warm sand mattresses. In addition, visitors are offered veranda, park and three restaurants. The cost of the entrance ticket for a period of three hours is 16 euros.

Reviews and studies of trips

Verona, go to the fortress

We go to the square in front of Castelvekio and turn on the bridge to the other side of the river. From here there are magnificent views of the fortress and the embankment. Read more →

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Verona, Church San Giorgio in Braida

The church that we see now was built in 1477 on the project Antonio Ricci (Antonio Ricci) with the participation of Venetian monks from San Giorgio in Alga. Read more →

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Verona. No story sadder in the world.

There are many ancient monuments in the city, the number and quality of which is comparable to the Rome itself. Here is the Roman Amphitheater Arena. Read more →

Cities of Italy Verona

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