Cities of Italy: Unknown Cities and Coloring

Italy is too good to get acquainted with it only once. Yes it is in principle impossible! It is so different: beautiful mountains in the north and breathtaking small cities with colored houses on the south coast. To visit everywhere and two times. In this article we tell about the cities in which you have not had time to visit. Here is there ideas for vacation.

Monte Isola

Between the Lake Garda and Como there is a small Lake Isao, and in it is an island that occupies the city of Monte Isola. This is the largest island city in Europe. And how many entertainment on the lake! Here is always in its plate lovers of deltaplan, windsurfing and sailing sports. In general, constantly some kind of movement. Lake, though not so much as his neighbors, but with all the movement here you can find a quiet corner to think about.

And on the island do not drive cars, only buses. It is understandable, in the territory of a little more than 10 a lot of transport is not needed.

How to get: Nearest cities to Lake Isio – Brescia and Bergamo. From Brescia, go on the train to the town of Isoo, and sit on the boat – he will leave right on the island.


But the city is near Florence. In Barge, please fans of tiled red roofs. There are many viewing sites in the city with which everyone is enjoyable. At the same time, the medieval fortress seek the Cathedral of San Cristoforo. Good Route for Soldering from Florence for one day.

How to get: Sit for the train from Florence with transfer in Lucca. In the way, spend about three hours.


If you watched movies about Professor Langdon on the books of Dan Brown ("Angels and Demons", "Da Vinci Code" and T.e), probably interested in the work of Dante "Divine Comedy" (or read at school, who knows). So, about the towers of the city of Monterijoni mentioned in the work! In general, the city is surrounded by a fortress and majestic towers – this is a historic idea and the main attraction. Walk inside or outside – to solve you, here on all sides beautiful.

How to get: Already from the beloved and familiar Florence, the bus will take you to Monterijoni in two hours and less than 10 euros.


When you get out of the Uz Florence, go to the side of the Country. Alberobello hid near Bari. The city is small, but attracts trill – houses with cone-shaped roofs. Thanks to them, he fell under the protection of UNESCO.

And in these roofs there is a secret: they are designed without adhesive material. And after all holds several centuries!

Tourists here are frequent guests, so infrastructure at the level: there are shops, many souvenir shops with handmade goods, even a restaurant with the stars Michelin.

How to get: From Bari bus to get an hour, but from Rome will have to go by train with a transfer to Bari. On the road, spend hours 7-8.

Cities of Italy Unknown cities and their flavor


Italy is not only Sicily or Tuscan fields, there are architectural places. Perugia – the place where the eyes get tired to look around, because architecture here is divine. This city consists of solid from the arches, stairs, balconies and bridges. And here is a hilly relief, so the breathtaking photos of sunsets and dawns are provided to you.

How to get: faster and cheaper from Siena by bus. He will be waiting for you at Siena Railway Station. But from the stop "Perugia" to the very city you will deliver an unmanned metro.


Once Zhanna Friske has determined in his song to meet in Portofino. No wonder she sang about the city, he really is beautiful, though small. In essence, this is a bay city near Genoa, but the landscape very much has peace of mind.

If you are nearby, urvit an hour or two to grasp on a bench on the coast with parked yachts, take yourself the most delicious ice cream and a bright cocktail. And before this, we go to the castle Brown – from there the incredible view of the bay!

How to get: from Genoa closest. And here there is a choice: floating on the ferry and get by train + bus. But the ferry is much romantic, and on the coast to see from the other side interesting.

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