Cities of Italy: Turin

The capital of Piedmont, Turin is the second (after Milan) of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the fourth city in the number of residents.

Drawing at the confluence of the Rara Riparia and Mayra (Start of the PO River) at the foot of the Graysky and Kota Alps, he expressed the most convenient center of the Trading route from Italy through the Alpine Pass to France. The city appeared as a Roman colony in II in. N. NS., And already in the VI-VII centuries, he is the center of Langobard Duchy, to the XVII century, keeping its independence. In 1563, Turin becomes the capital of Savoy Duchy, the XVII-XVIII centuries – the capital of the Sardinian kingdom, and in 1861-1870. – The capital of the Kingdom of Italian. Such a stormy story left the city a huge number of architectural monuments, so now it is one of the most visited cities in Northern Italy.


Among the monuments of architecture Turin are especially interesting complex Mole Antonelliana (1863 g.) In which the National Museum of Cinematography is now located, the Ancient Roman theater, which is part of Mole Antonellian Gran Madre’s Temple and Port Palatine Tower (1404 g., The earliest sample of Catholic architecture in Northern Italy), San Giovanni-Buttista Cathedral (1491-1498.) with a carefully protected Turin plander, a medieval royal residence of Palazzo Real (XVII in.), Several medieval bridges, the Egizio Museum (the largest meeting of the items of the ancient Egypt in Europe), several medieval palaces (part of the UNESCO World Heritage List of the Dukes Savoy), the Botanical Garden of Orto-Botaniko, Church of San Lorenzo and San Filippo (XVII B.), Palace Palazzo-Karignano (1679 g.), picturesque square Piazza-San Carlo (1638 g.), as well as towering on the hill behind the city of the famous Church of Superga (XVIII in.) With the tomb of the Savoy Royal Dynasty and the castle of the stopper (1729-1734.).

More modern attractions of Turin include a Fiat plant complex (1926.), Palace of exhibitions, exhibition complex "Italy-1961" With the palace of labor, the city museum of ancient art, the gallery of the Academy of Arts Albertin and the Sabaud Gallery, as well as the panoramic elevator of the Mole Antonellian complex and Panorable Sassi Tramway – Superga.

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Cities of Italy Turin

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