Cities of Italy: Tropea

The west of the capital of the region Katanzaro, on the very shore of Sant-Aufemia Bay, lies one of the most beautiful cities of the Tyrrhen coast – Tropea (Tropea).

One of the centers of Hellenic culture in the region, it has increased by the efforts of immigrants from the Balkan Peninsula, right up to the IX century, remaining under the rule of the Patriarch of Constantinople. An important strategic clause of the Middle Ages and the Neapolitan Kingdom, located on a hard-to-reach rock, from where even the boats lowered to the sea with the help of the block system, Tropea retained his appearance to this day almost unchanged, turning into a cozy resort town, famous for its beaches and historical monuments.

  • Tropea. Church on the coast
  • Cities of Italy Tropea
  • Staircase in the coastal part of the city
  • Courtyard Chiesa Della Michelizia
  • Altar part of the church San Francesco
  • Piazza Ercole Square in the old part of the city


Decoration of the city are: Ancient Citadel and Gate Port-Nooo (XVIII in.), Palace Palazzo-Torald (XVII in., Now it contains a collection of early Christian texts), the main street of the city – Corso Vittorio-Emanuele II, Women’s Monastery Claritine (XVII in., Now here is a city hospital), Palace of Torald-d’amor, Cathedral (approximately VIII-XIII centuries.), built up with many colorful houses of the XV-XVIII centuries Picturesque street Via-Bolano, Brogo Palaces (XVIII in.) and Cesareo, the portal of Grimaldi Palace (XVIII in.) On the Square of the same name, the largest square of the Old Town – Largo Gallippie with the Kapella Santa Margarita located on it, Kollorato Palace, Church of Kyza di San Francesco d’Mascisi, City Hall, Capella de-Nobili, Griffon Palace , Church of Kyza-Della Pieta (San George-Maggiore, XVII-XVIII centuries.), famous for its luxurious interiors Palace Gabriel (XIX in.), as well as a picturesque rocky island of Willetta del Isola with the Church of Santa Maria del Isola, lying right away from the trail coast.

On a clear day from the rocky cliffs and the observation deck on Largo-Maliapene, a beautiful panorama of the coastal line, the cone of the Stromombol volcano and four of the Lipar (Aeolian) Islands, to which in summer it is easily accessible to boats, daily from the port of the city. But the most popular tourist attraction of the Tropus is, of course, the beaches stretching the narrow strip on both sides of the city.

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