Cities of Italy: Syracuse

The historic city of Syracuse (Siracusa, Sarausa) lies in the south-east of Sicily, on the shore of the Ionian Bay of the Ionian Sea. The city to which more than 2,700 years is (founded approximately in VIII in. to N. NS.), repeatedly mentioned even in the Bible and is known for the whole world by the legends on Archimedee, rich in culture, numerous monuments of antiquity and the role played by this large port in the history of antiquity. Nowadays, the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as the location of the famous necropolis of Pantalik and many other ancient objects.


Here you can see the temple of Apollo (approximately III in. to N. NS., It was repeatedly rebuilt in the Christian Basilica, then in a mosque), an ancient Greek theater (considered one of the largest buildings of this kind in the world) with nearby careers "Latomomio", Roman amphitheater, the so-called "Mogile Archimedes" In the necropolis of Grothelly (in fact, it is a beautiful burial with two doric columns belongs to the Roman period), the Cathedral (VII in., repeatedly rebuilt), the Basilica of Santa Lucia Extra-Moeni (XV-XVI centuries.), Church of San Paolo (XVIII in.), San Cristoforo (XIV in.), Santa Lucia-Alla Badia (XVII in.), Santa Maria de Maracoli (XIII in.), Spirito-Santo (XVIII in.), Saint-Benedict (XVI in.), San Francesco al-Immakolate, Kyza-Della-Circular (XIV in.), Church of the Izuita College and Basilica of John Evangelist.

Castle Maniach (1232-1240.) is a striking example of Frederic II fortification architecture. The Archaeological Museum contains a beautiful collection of finds dating from the middle of the Bronze Century to the V century. NS. Numerous Syracuse Palaces are also widely known, among which such unique structures like Palazzo-Lanz-Bocheries (XVI in.), Palazzo-Mergulese-Montalto (XIV in.), Palazzo Vermeksio (XIII-XVII centuries., with fragments of builds V in., Now there is a town hall here), Palazzo-Francisk-Nava (XVI-XVII centuries.), Palazzo-Beneventano-de-Bosko (XVI-XVII centuries.), Palazzo-Millachechio (XV in.), Senate Palace (XVIII in.) and the Palace of Archbishop (XVII in.).

Outside the urban trait, the castle of Ewanulos is towers – one of the most powerful fortresses of the Middle Ages with three Rips and a number of underground galleries, as well as the famous fountain of the island of Ortigi, who served, by legends, the place of residence Nymphs.

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Cities of Italy Syracuse

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Cities of Italy Syracuse

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