Cities of Italy: Sorrento

Sorrento (Sorrento, Surriento, WWW.sorrentotourism.COM) – a small town in the south of Italy, annually attracting thousands of tourists who come here from Naples. It is the main point for those who decided to relax on the Peninsula in the Naples Bay of the same name. Sorrento opens views of Naples himself, as well as the Vesuviy volcano and Capri island.

Modern Sorrento combines rich architectural heritage, a variety of cafes and restaurants, numerous museums and hotels for every taste. Many wealthy tourists prefer to live in villas overlooking the sea.


Central Square Sorrento – Piazza Tasso. Also worth walking in City Park, Main Shopping Street Via San Cesareo and admire yacht and boats in ports Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. Among museums are allocated archaeological storage Museo Correale Di Terranova.

  • Panorama of evening Sorrento
  • Sorrento street
  • View of the Naples Bay from the rocks of Sorrento
  • Walls Sorrento
  • View of Vesuviy from the coast of Sorrento

Majestic Cathedral Sorrento, Based in the XIV century, and his gates were brought from Constantinople and created, presumably three centuries earlier. Also worth a visit Monastery of Saint Francesco of the same period and the ancient Roman ruins Punta del Capo.

Sorrento – the main manufacturer of Italian liqueur "Lemoncello" – excellent sweet-sweet digestion. In restaurants you can also taste one of the numerous types of pasta – Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina, with the addition of potatoes, tomatoes and mozzarelles.

    Cities of Italy Sorrento
  • Fortress Punta Campanella
  • Square of St. Antonio
  • City Beach Marina Grande
  • Monastery of Saint Francesco

Beach rest

There are several beaches in the city where it is customary to rent sun beds and umbrellas. More secluded and cozy beaches are located outside the city feature and in the neighboring islands.

How to get

Amalfitan road connects Sorrento and Amalfi and loops on cliffs over the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ferries and boats connect Sorrento with Naples, Amalfi, Positano, Capri and Cake. Circumvesuviana railway also passes through Sorrento. The nearest airport is Capodichino Airport in Naples, from where you can get by bus (walks 6 times a day).

Around the city

Sorrento Peninsula is famous for landscapes that combine hills, valleys, rocks and man-made agricultural terraces, on which oranges, lemons, olives and vineyards grow.

Tourists visit town Meta (META), in which antique buildings are preserved and you can spend a great time on the beach; Sea village Drunk-di Sorrento (Piano di sorrento); Picturesque royal estate Sant Anuel (Sant’Agnello); Oasis District Massa Lubrenze (Massa Lubrense), also abounding ancient finds.

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Cities of Italy Sorrento

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