Cities of Italy: San Gimignano

Located near Florence and Siena, the tiny town of San Gimignano (San Gimignano) is considered one of the most famous and picturesque cities of Italy.


His main decoration – 14 ancient towers (height up to 50 m), built in Middle Ages with noble clans as a symbol of their wealth and success. Nowadays, you can go through the narrow streets of the Old Town, to see at home and towers (XIII-XIV centuries.) on the Piazza-tank area, visit the Romanesque Cathedral of Collegiate with unique frescoes and Palace Palazzo del Popolo, Sant Agostino Church (XVI in.), Capella Santa Fin (Domenico Girlandiao Fresco) and located opposite Palazzo del Substolate Palace (XIII in.) From Rogno Tower, Impressive Ruins of the Urban Fortress Rocca, City Museum and Unique Torture Museum.

  • Panorama San Gimignano
  • Romanesque Cathedral Collegiate
  • Piazza-tank
  • Urban Wall with Bastion
  • Cities of Italy San Gimignano

Also deserve great palaces, Romanesque University Church and Palace Palazzo-del Popolo (now the city museum is here).

The historic center of San Gimignan-delle Belle Torri, so his full name sounds, in 1990 was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Reviews and studies of trips

Tuscany, San Gimignano

San Gimignano-tiny (7 thousand.residents) town 40 km from Florence, who retains all his medieval charm. Founded by Etrusca BC.NS., As usual in Italy. Read more →

Que dalle | Autumn 2016

Cathedral San Gimignano Square

The city is completely tiny, and here we are already in the very center on the main square of San Gimignano – at the Cathedral. Here are many architectural pearls San Gimignano. Read more →

galik 123 | March 2016

San Gimignano

San Jimignano is a joke called "Medieval Manhattan" – 14 high towers rose over the city, which were once 76. They were built for defensive purposes. Read more →

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