Italy city: Rimini

One of the most famous and popular resorts in Europe, Rimini (Rimini) is located on the Adriatic Sea coast between the Rivers of Marekja and Ausus.

The city was founded by the Romans in 268 g. to N. NS. under the name Arimine (River Marekia then called Ariminian, hence the name), although Etruscan, Umbra and Greek settlements on this earth existed long before the new era. Until the XIX century, it was a small village of fishermen and farmers, not deprived, however, by the attention of the strengths of this. But the real glory came to the city after 1843, when the first equipped beach appeared here, and in 1850. – Institute of Hydrotherapy. A few years later, the coast opens the first hotels, which makes it possible to attribute the city to the number of the first Italian seaside resorts, and in the middle of the 20th century, Rimini becomes one of the most prestigious European resorts.


The main historical monuments of the city are San Francesco Cathedral, or Tempio-Malatistry (XIII in.), Arch of August (27 g. to N. NS.), Church of San Giuliano Martyr (1553-1575.), Rimsky amphitheater (II B. N. NS.), Bridge Tiberia (14-21 GG. N. NS.), Castle Sissondo (Rocca Malatistry or Sigismo-Pandolfo, 1437-1452., Now here is the exhibition center), San Agustin Church (Also known as San Giovanni Evankheliste), San Giovanni Battista (XII-XVIII centuries.) and San Fortunato (1418 g.), the bell tower of the former Santa Colomb Cathedral And bronze Statue of Pope Paul V. At Piazza Cavour, which is considered the city center, you can see the palaces Palazzo del Subse, Palazzo-Comunale and Palazzo del-Arenga, The building is neoclassical Theater and famous Pinha Fountain.

A business card of the city is the building Casal (1872 G.) from which, in general, the history of Rimini as a resort center began.

Interesting Municipal Museum In the complex of the Jesuit Monastery (XIII in.) and Archaeological Museum.

In the vicinity of the city stretches the extended zone of marine resorts, known for its small sand beaches (total length of more than 15 km) and ultra-modern rest infrastructure. Here is Aquafan – the largest water park in Europe (area of ​​more than 150 thousand. kv. M, open from June to mid-September) and large scientific and entertainment complex of the famous Dolphinarium (1964.), as well as the center of thalassotherapy, using local thermal sources for its work.

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