Cities of Italy: Reggio di Calabria

The colorful city of Reggio Di-Calabria, lying on the very coast of the Messinsky Strait, is the capital of all southern (the political capital of the region is Catanzaro) and the largest city of Calabria.

Antique Rechion was founded in 743 g. to N. NS. Simultaneously with Dzankle (modern Messina in Sicily) and to V-IV centuries. to N. NS. turned into the largest port of the region, but in 387. to N. NS. was practically erased from the face of the earth by the ruler of Syracuse Dionisia I. In 270 g. to N. NS. Already under the name of the Regium-Julium, he becomes the center of one of the southern municipality of Rome, but again, once over time, is destroyed by Saracin Pirates. Destruction applied to numerous earthquakes (in 1783 and 1908, the city was completely completely destroyed again), so at the beginning of the 20th century, Reggio-di Calabria is restored by a clear modern scheme and completely loses its historical development.

  • Embankment in Reggio di Calabria from a bird’s eye view
  • Cities of Italy Reggio di Calabria
  • Treadmill via Via Giudecca
  • Main Street of the city – Corso Garibaldi Street
  • Piazza Del Carmine Area


Only a small part of ancient monuments has been preserved – Residence of Calabrian Episcopata, miracle preserved Aragon Castle (XIII-XV centuries.) on Piazza Castello, Ruins Roman term and Greek fortress walls (IV B. to N. NS.), church Kyza-deli-Ottimati (built on the site of the Byzantine Abbey Santa Maria di Terreti, III-IV centuries. N. NS.), Cathedral (XVII B., Restored in 1908.), People’s Theater and Cathedral Duomo On the main shopping street of the city – Corso Garibaldi, National Museum on Piazza-Nava, Sanctuary of Maria Santissima della-Consolant (ERRO), Church of Sant Antonio and Villa Cerey (XIV B.) in Venetian style.

  • Aragon Castle
  • Roman term
  • Cathedral
  • Villa Cerey in Venetian style

However, new attraction points appear – the famous Embankment Lingomare-Giacomo-Matteotti (that is very "Beautiful kilometer Italy") with dozens of mansions, City Art Gallery Pinakotek-Communal With an excellent meeting of the works of Italian masters, Church of Sant Gaetano-Kathanozo (1879-1963.), as well as the best sightseeing area of ​​the city – Area Piazza-Rotondo.

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