Cities of Italy: Pisa

The capital of the region of the same name – the world famous city of Pisa (Pisa) lies on the right bank of the Arno River when it has fallen in the Ligurian Sea.


The city of Pisa is known to the world first because of his bell tower. it "City of one miracle", Which fame is resting on a thoroughly trimmed bright green grass carpet of Prato de Maracoli ("Field of Dreams") on which we are towering Baptistery (XIII-XIV BB.), "falling tower" Campanila and cemetery Campo-Santo. This place was sacred in the times of Etruscans, and Palladium stood here in the Roman era. In 1063. In honor of the victory of the Pisan Fleet in the Harbor Palermo on the foundation of Palladium, they began to build a cathedral to perpetuate the victory of the United States. And literally immediately a new building began to stick up, turning into the most popular Tower of Italy, attempts "Salvation" which continues today. Now the Cathedral Square, as else is sometimes called Prato de Miraculi because of the Duomo’s Cathedral located on it, is considered not self-equal and entered into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Pisanskaya Tower
  • Falling Tower Campanyl
  • Monumental Ladbiste Campo Santo
  • Church of Santa Maria della-Spin

However, only this place of wealth, Pisa is not exhausted, and she herself is much more and more interesting than a small knocker notorious "Fields of wonders". It is necessary to see a small one here Church of Santa Maria della-Spin (1230 g., transferred to a modern place in 1871 g.), Saint-Francesco dei-Assisi church (1276-1343.), Santo Selropocro (XII B.), Sant Prediano (1061 g.), San Nikola (1097-1313.), San Paolo-A Ripa d’Amo (X-XIII centuries.), Santa Catherine (XIII B.), San Pietro-In-Winks, San Francesco (1276 g.), San Martino (1067-1610.), San Torpe (XIII-XIX centuries.) and Santa Maria del Carmina.

Cities of Italy Pisa

Unique medieval Gallery Borgo Stretto, Palace Medici (XIV B.), Botanical Garden (Oldest Botanical University Collection in Europe), Royal Palace Palazzo Real (XVI B.), Gothic Palazzo Gambakorti (XIV B., Now there is a town hall), Palazzo-Lanfranchi and Palazzo-Agostini (Palazzo del Sussero, XV in.), painted by frescoes on marine topics Pisa station, Church and Monastery of San Antonio and the remains of fortification facilities Fortza di San Gallo (XIV-XVI centuries., Inside the fortification, the city garden is now broken).

  • Piazza Dei Miracoli (Cathedral Square)
  • Pisa Cathedral and Tower (Campanyl), view from the west side
  • Bridge over Arno

Special attention deserves the area Piazza dei-Cavali (Built in the IX-XI centuries. On the site of the ancient forum) and adjacent to it Palazzo-Della-Karovana (XVII B., Now there is a higher school founded by Napoleon in 1810.), Palazzo Orolodezhio (XVII B., Nowadays, the palace is given to the library of higher education) and two churches – Santo Stefano dei Cavali, or vazari (XV-XVII centuries.), and small Sant Sikstus (1133 g., One of the best samples of early Romanesque architecture in Europe). Also widely known Towers Gualandi, Vera del-Oro, Lanfredchchi, Hotel-Vittoria and Del Campano, Church of San Michele-Borgo (X B.), another one "falling tower" – Campanile San Nicola (1097-1313.), and Arsenals Medici and complex University Pisa – One of the oldest in Europe.

Museums are interesting Opera del Duomo, Delle-Sinop, Villa Di-Corgiano and National San Matteo Museum.

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Cities of Italy Pisa

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