Cities of Italy: Piacenza

Founded by the Romans in 218 g. to N. NS., Piacenza (Piacenza, Piaseinsa) lies on the very northwest of the region, just 67 km from Milan. One of the richest medieval cities, the place where the first crusade was announced, and "City hundreds of churches", Piacenza is still known as one of the most colorful Italian tourist centers.


Cities of Italy Piacenza

Central Square Piazza dei-Cavalli decorate Two horse statues Alessandro Farnes and his son Ranuchchio (XVI-XVII in.), Church of San Francesco (XII B.) and palace Palazzo-Comunale (Gothico, 1281 g.), considered one of the best samples of medieval architecture of northern Italy.

As painful Palaces Fernese (1568 g.), Lande (XIV-XV BB.), Costa, Somalia, Scotty (now here is the museum of natural science) and Palazzo dei Merchanti (XVII B., Now there is a town hall). Numerous churches serve as a kind of signs of historical stages of the city’s development: the first basilica of the city – Sant Antonio (IV B.), one of the brightest examples of Romanesque architecture – Basilica San Savino (903-1107.) With its mosaics of the XII century, built by Dominicans Church San Giovanni In Channel (XIII-XVI centuries.), a huge cathedral Duomo (1122-1233.), Renaissance Santa Maria-In-Campaign (1522-1528.) at the Poptivesal-Delle-Krochita ("Square Crusadsev", Built in 1522-1528 in honor of the first crusades), Renaissance San Sisto (XV B., It is for this temple Rafael wrote "Sicstinian Madonna") other. And the visiting card of the city is considered found in 1877 during the excavations of Etruscan settlements near the Coo-Di-Di-Setima bronze model of sheep liver (traditional element of the Etruscan prediction system, II in. to N. NS.) – Now it is stored in Archaeological Museum Piacenza, Being part of the Musseo-Civico complex in Palazzo Farnesse.

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