Cities of Italy: Parma

Parma (Parma) – a city in the same river, founded by Etrusca ("Parma" – round shield) at least in VIII in. to N. NS., Although traces of earlier settlements in this place belong to the middle of the II millennium BC. NS. The city is the birthplace of the Parma University – one of the oldest in the world, the favorite place of Giuseppe Verdi and the point of concentration of famous architectural monuments. He was widely fame brought the most beautiful countryside surroundings, as well as the famous Parm ham and parmesan cheese ("Parmeggano", or "Parmjano").


The most important sights of Parma include Cathedral Duomo (XII-XVI centuries.), Baptistery Benedetto Antellaes (1196-1270.), Church of San Giovanni Evanghelistist (1498-1510.), frescoes Chapel Parmjano, Santa Maria della Stammer (1392-1539.), Benedictic San Paolo Monastery (XI-XVI centuries.), Gothic Church of San Francesco del Prato (XIII B.).

Complex Palazzo-La Piott (1583 G.) includes Theater Fernese (1618-1619.), National Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Archaeological Museum, Library Palatina and Museum of Bodony.

Representing interest Palace Dukale (1561 g., expanded in the XVI-XVIII centuries.) with Palazzo-Eurio-Sanvital mansion and Vigola Park (1749 g.), Palazzo del Comuno (1627 g.), Palazzo del Governor (XIII B.), Episcopal Palace (1055 g.) and Ovenedale-Vecchio ("Old Hospital", 1250 g., Now there are a state archive and a communal library).

Also deserve attention Theater of Reggio (1821-1829.), Glauko-Lombardi Museum, Big Chittadella fortress (XVI B.), Lapidis Bridge (Roman, or Theodorich Bridge, II-IV BB.), Botanical Garden University of Parma, Auditorium Nikolo Paganini and House Museum of the Great Italian Conduger Arturo Tuscanini.

Cities of Italy Parma

At the same time, almost only in Parma you can see the works of Benedetto by Antella (the great sculptor and architect of the Middle Ages), the work of Correggio and painting of local artists.

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To the Parma behind Parm Ham and Parmesan

It will be about Parma – Rich Provincial Town in the Emilia-Romagna region North-west Bologna. In Parma, we arrived from Rimini by train, we had a few hours for a walk read more →

Cities of Italy Parma

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