Cities of Italy: Palermo

The capital of the island, Palermo (Palermo, Palermu) is located in the north-west of Sicily, on the shore of the Tyrrenian Bay of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The antique capital and the largest city of the island founded by the Phoenicians in the XX. to N. NS., In the Middle Ages, he becomes one of Catholicism centers and continues to remain it so far.


A business card of the city are his churches, which are almost three hundred here: Cathedral Palermo (1185 g.), San Giovanni Dei Lebrosi (1071 g.), San Giovanni deremiti (1132 g.), Martorne (Santa Maria del-Ammoniralato, 1143 g.) and San Cataldo (XII B.), Santa Teresa-Alla Calca (1686-1706.), Santa Maria Dello-not (1506 g., Now there is a musical exhibition complex here), Queza del Jesu (1564-1591.), San Francesco dei-Assisi (XIII-XV centuries.), Madzhione (1191 G.), San Domenico (1640-1726.), Santa Maria deli Angeli (XV B.), Santa Maria della Ghanchia and Santa Maria della Katena, San Giuseppe de-Ateatini, Oratorio di San Lorenzo, Oratorio dei-Rosario and others. Plus, several hundred characteristic local temples – often small, but very picturesque.

  • View of San Cataldo Cathedral, Palermo
  • Church of San Cataldo in Palermo
  • Decoration of Capella Palatina
Cities of Italy Palermo

Historic center Palermo – Kuattro Canti – It is considered the second in size in Italy (after Genoa), but its restoration is still being conducted, because during the Second World War, he was huge damage. Within Kuattro-Cant, you can find the most interesting monuments, and in the area of ​​Calca, located on the site of the old Arab quarter, many facilities in the Mauritan style. Widely known: complex Palazzo dei-Normani (One of the best examples of Norman architecture in Italy, rebuilt from the Arab Fortress) with the Royal Capella Palatina (1132 g.), complex Royal Palace, Gorgeous hunting Dzis castles (1160-1175.) and Cuba (1180 g.), Chiamont Palaces, Abatevis (both XVs in.) and Skiafanta (1307-1380.), Cathedral square with balustrade and statues of saints, wonderful fountain "Pretoria" (XVI B.) on the Square of the same name, the city garden Orto Botaniko di Palermo (1785.), a park Real-Testa-Della Favorite (Former bourbon hunting grounds), Konka-D gardens"Oro, Jardino-Garibaldi Public Garden on Piazza Marina, old fortress ports of Port Felice (1582-1637.), Torre-Pisaan Tower and the Triumphal Arch of the Port-Nuova (1584 g.), urban Town Hall (1463 g.), Observatory of the Cathedral (1690 g.), catacombs of cappuchins and sightseeing area on the mountain Monte Pellegrino (600 m), from where the beautiful panorama of the city and the surrounding sea opens.

  • Madzhion Cathedral in Palermo
  • View of the Cathedral, Palermo
  • Pretoria Fountain in Palermo, Sicily

The Regional Archaeological Museum of Palermo is considered one of the richest collections of Italy, but it is also worth a visit International Museum of Marionette (founded in 1975 by the Association for the Conservation of People’s Tradition of Sicily, here more than 3,500 samples of dolls from around the world) and the Museum of Islam in the Castello della-Dzis castle complex (the history of Arab culture in Sicily). Palermo is the major center of the Italian opera – here is the famous Teatro Massimo (1897 G., The largest opera house in Italy and the third largest in the world), and in the old Polyterama Theater (1867-1874.) Now there is a gallery of contemporary art. And to see life and morals Palermo, it is recommended to visit the surroundings of the famous market Vucchiriya, which lies between Via Roma and Corso Vittorio Emmanuele.

  • Polyteram Theater in Palermo
  • The coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Palermo
  • Port in Palermo, Sicily
  • Medieval houses in the suburb of Palermo

Around the city

In the vicinity of Palermo interested in town Monte Pellegrino With wonderful panoramas, the Cave Church of Santa Rosario in Grotta del Addura and the nearby nature reserve (area of ​​about 1000 hectares, about a thousand species of plants and half of mammals found in Sicily) live here, Cathedral Duomo (1174 g.), Abbey, Royal Palace and Bishop Palace in Montreal, Mondello Beach Area, Villa Belmont, SERRADIFALCO, Favorita and Tesque, as well as an antique settlement Eric, where the ruins of the temple of Venus are preserved.

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