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Lying on the southwest of Umbria the city of Orvieto (Orvieto) was founded by Etruscia in VII in. to N. NS. And it is considered one of the most picturesque cities of Italy. Located on the edge of the ancient volcanic plateau, he was the official residence of Roman dads for many years, many famous theological schools were found here and built the best samples of church architecture. And its surroundings were always famous for beautiful landscapes and first-class vineyards.


The heart of the city is considered the Piazza-Kaan Square, around which the medieval fortress del Albornoroz is concentrated (Rocca di San Martino, 1353-1395.), urban park and huge well Pozzo di San Patricio (1527 g.). Within the radius of five quarters you can see the Etruscan Necropolis of Crofiszo di Tuff, as well as many fragments of other structures of this ancient people, Duomo Cathedral (1290-1502.), the complex of the papal residence (now there is a National Archaeological Museum), the Palazzo-del Captain-del Popolo Palace (XII-XIV centuries.), Sant Andrea Church and San Jovenale (VII in., The oldest church of the city). Under the city there is a whole network of galleries, wells, stairs, caves and tunnels, dried in rocks in different periods. The most famous network of the Etruscan City Caves, known as Venena (it is believed that the Etruscan name of this place was exactly this).

Cities of Italy Orves

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Orvieto is on top of the rock, you can get there on the funicular, which is right next to the station, so find it is very easy. Read more →

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