Cities of Italy: Modena

40 km northeastern Ferrara, in the valley of the PO River, lies another historic city – Modena (Modna, Modna), founded by the Romans in II in. to N. NS.

Once known as the residence of the archbishop, in our days Modena turned into Italian "Capital of engines " (Motors are manufactured here for all famous Italian sports cars!), as well as culinary and scientific (University of Modena was founded in 1175. and expanded in 1686.) the capital of the northern part of the Apennine Peninsula.


In Modena are located Academy of Italian Armed Forces (Accademia Militare Di Modena) and the famous Library Estense, Whose collection of historical publications contains more than 3000 manuscripts.

Jewelry of the city are gorgeous Romanesque Cathedral (1099-1184., Made to UNESCO World Heritage List) and its Gothic Bell Tower Torre della Girlandina (1224-1319., Height 88 m), Palace Palazzo-Ducale (1634-1694., It is characteristic that at present cadets of the Military Academy live in it), the most beautiful ancient square Piazza Grande (Also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List) with a palace located on it Palazzo-Comunale (1046 g.) and Quarants Torre del Orolology (XV B.).

On Sant Agostin Square is located Palace Museum, which contains the main museums of the city – Estense Gallery and Library, Museum of medieval and contemporary art, Municipal Museum Risorgemento, Museum of tombstones Este, Gallery Graziosa, and Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Modena.

It is worth visiting the church San Vincenzo (XIII-XVI centuries.), Santa Maria della-Pomplegos (Aeadis Muratoriana, 1135-1750.), San Giovanni Decollato (XVI-XVIII centuries.), Saint-Agustin (XIV-XVI centuries.), Saint Francesco (1244 g.), Saint Pietro (1476 G.) and Saint George (1647 g.), Lapidario Museum, synagogue (1873 g.) And beautiful Botanical Garden University of Modena.

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Cities of Italy Modena

25 km west lies the city Reggio Emilia (REGGIO Emilia, in our transcription – Reggio del Emilia, or Reggio-Nel-Emilia, he and in Italian has many writing options), which also retained its medieval monuments: Cathedral (XVII in.), Basilica San Prospero (x in.) and Madonna della Gyar (1597 g.), Saint George Church, St. Agustin (1268-1746.), Saint Pietro (1625-1629.), Saint Francesco, Saint Stefano and San Giovanni (1200 g.), Palazzo-Dukale Palaces (XVIII in.), Palazzo del Captain del Popolo (1280-1432.), Palazzo-Comunale (1414 g.) and Palazzo-Manyani, as well as the neoclassical municipal theater (1857.) and parmezhani gallery.

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Modena, Italy

I must say that Modena is one of the most liked cities on the trip by Emilia-Romagne. And with the weather, of course, lucky. Near the Ducogan Palace – Palazzo Ducale. Now – Military Academy. Read more →

McLaren2000 | January 2014


Modena is one of the most typical Italian cities. It seems to me that such cities in this part of Italy have a lot. The main criterion for choosing modes has become its proximity to Bologna read more →

Cities of Italy Modena

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