Cities of Italy: Messina

The third largest city of Sicily and the capital of the region of the same name, Messina lies on the very northeast of the island, on the banks of the Messinsky Strait.


The city is famous for its ports (commercial and military), shipyards, as well as cultivated around him plantations citrus and vineyards. Founded by Greek colonists in VIII in. to N. NS., Messina attracts tourists with his Cathedral (XIII-XV centuries.) with the nearby Palazzo-Kalapay Palace (XVIII in.), Churches of Anunzat dei Catalani (XII-XIII centuries.) and Santa Maria deli Alemanni (XIII in.), the temple of Montevergin with the relics of the holy patroness of the city – Eustokia Smeraffa Calafata, fountains "Orion" and "Neptune" (XVI B.), Tower of San Ranieri (1555 g.) and the Botanical Garden of Orto-Botaniko-Pietro Castelli.

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I woke up some devastated, and for some reason thought appeared in my head – nothing we succeed. Later discussed his Sicily with an older friend in Moscow, also traveling a similar route, and imagine, and he is about this rose, and also not in the best paints. So on Sicily there are elves houses, and the hut on the bitter legs. Read more →

Miru Mir | May 2009

Cities of Italy Messina

Cheap holiday in Sicily

I am very pleased with such a holiday as I did not overpay anyone for his organization. And this is today forces every tourist who uses the Internet. Read more →

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Paradise of natural wealth from volcanic hell

Country of short shadows and affectionate sun, picturesque mountains and formidable volcanoes, endless sea and olive groves. Sicily is the largest island of Mediterranean, located between Africa, Europe and Asia. Therefore, at different times, it was inhabited by Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Normans, Fraba, Spaniards, Italians finally. Conquerors, coming, destroyed the culture of previous "owners" Islands and built your. Periodic global earthquakes lowered all cultures to prevasory and people started again. Apparently so the providence explained to mankind who real "master" Total and everything. Read more →

Cities of Italy Messina

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