Cities of Italy: Lecce

The ancient city of Lecce is located on the plateau in the heart of the Saleto Peninsula, or Salentin – the very "Heel" Apennine Peninsula.

Founded by the Greeks (then he was called Messapi), in the era of Normanov, Lecce was the capital of the Peninsula, and during the Spanish Board (XVI-XVII centuries.) I found my modern face, because it was then that numerous baroque facilities were erected, which are among our days a calling card of the city. It is thanks to a set of picturesque buildings built from well-ledated local limestone processing "Pietra-Treatse", The city is often called "Southern Florence" or "Florence Pulia".


The main decorations are considered Roman Theater and amphitheater (II B. N. NS.), Column In honor of the patron saint of the city – St. OroĆ³side (1739 g.), Charles V. Castle (1539-1549.), Triumphal Arch ("Naples Gate", 1548 g.), Church of Kyza di Santa Croce (1353-1549.).

  • Triumphal Arch "Naples Gate"
  • Ancient Roman amphitheater
  • Piazza-Duomo
  • Cities of Italy Lecheche
  • Street in the historic center of Lecce

In the center of the city is worth Cathedral Duomo (1144 G., Restored in 1659-1670.). And it is adjacent Piazza-Duomo and Episcopal Palace, Church of St. Nicholas and Cataldo (1180, restored in 1716 g.).

Among the religious attractions of the visits are worthy convent (1549-1695.), Church of Saint Irina (Theologies, 1591.), Santa Maria deli Angeli and Santa Chiara (1429-1438., Restored in 1687 g.).

Thet to see the gate Port-Rudia (1703 g.), local history museum Sigismo Castromediana, as well as picturesque botanical garden Orto-Botaniko-Diece.

Reviews and studies of trips

A small trip

Apulia is mostly plain territory, without mountain serpentines, with pretty good roads and high-speed motorways. Read more →

Miysha | July 2015

Lecce – Gold Puglia

I lecture reminds Sicilian "Golden City" But that. His touch of old gold. Palaces and churches Lecce do not sparkle with gilding, they are covered with a layer of time and burned by the Sun. Read more →

Cities of Italy Lecheche

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