Cities of Italy: Ferrara

Ferrara (Ferrarmwa) lies in the northern part of the Emilia-Romagna region, in the Valley of the River.

The city was built in IV-V BB. At the site of crossing over the PO River (in our days, the river bed was noticeably moved to the north) and in the XII-XVI centuries. He was the Citadel of the Great House d’Est. In 1391, a university is built here, and the best poets and artists of the era come to the yard of the dukes, so after the establishment "Third Academy d’Esthe" Ferrara becomes the largest center of Italian culture and science. Accordingly, the city itself is tuned by the best masters of his time.


To this day preserved Palazzo dei-Diamanti (1492 G., Now here is a feature gallery with the works of the best masters of Ferrara), which served as the Ducal Residence Castle Castello Estense (1385-1554.), mansion Casa-Romesee (XV B.), Church of San Francesco; Cathedral (XII B.), delightful Pedasing di Marphiza d’Est; Castle Palazzo Skifanya (1385 g.) with famous frescoes "Derzoga court", Palazzo di Ludoviko-Ile Moro (now here is an archaeological museum) and Cathedral (XII-XIV BB.).

Also interesting Opera Museum, Via Delle-Volta and Ripagrade Streets, on which the oldest city buildings are concentrated with characteristic "hanging arches", more than 9 km of medieval walls, Santa Anna Hospital (1579-1586.), Palazzio-Municipality (XVI-XVIII centuries., Another residence d’Esta), Cathedral San George (1135-1146.) with bell tower (1451-1493.), University Complex with Botanical Garden, Monastery Corpus Domini With the Ducal Necropolia, historical Teatro-Comunale (1786-1797.) restored after bombing the second world gothic Palace Palazzo-Della Region (The initial building was built in 1315-1326.), simple Poet House Ludochiko Ariosto (XVI B.), synagogue (XVII-XVIII in.) and Jewish Museum.

Around the city

On the way to Bologna (49 km from Ferrara), there is a beautiful abbey Pompoz (XV-XVII centuries.).

Cities of Italy Ferrara

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Castle d’Est in Ferrara

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Cities of Italy Ferrara

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