Cities of Italy: Crotone

In the southwestern part of the Bay, Taranto lies the capital of the province of the same name – Crotone, founded in 710 g. to N. NS. Ahasey colonists.

In the time of antiquity, Croton (so then called the city) was famous for both the birthplace of many great Olympionics (the winners of the Olympic Games), doctors and philosophers (akmeon and legendary Pythagoras were born here). At the beginning of the VI in. to N.NS. Croton becomes the capital of all Itali provinces of ancient Greece and even coins his coin. In IV-III centuries. to N. NS. The rulers of Syracuse repeatedly captured, and in the end, citizens were forced to ask for help to Rome, but Hannibal’s campaigns put an end to the greatness of ancient Crotone. In the Middle Ages, Crotone, now and then proceeded under the power of various rulers, but thanks to the favorable position and the excellent port did not lose its position. Today it is a modern city with a developed port infrastructure and a major shopping center for the south of the country. But the historical monuments here left a little, because in the XVI century, the vice-king of Naples decided to rebuild the adjusting zone, and the Acropolis and many other antique buildings were destroyed.

    Cities of Italy Crotone
  • Ruins of ancient Croton
  • View of the coast
  • Cathedral Duomo
  • Church Building Church-della Immakolate


The sights of the city are considered Fortress facilities, old lock La Castell and "new" Charles V. Castle (XVI B., Now here is the city museum), picturesque Pythagora Square, Old Town Hall, church Kyza-della Immacolate, Cathedral Duomo (Santa Maria-Assunta, XVI-XVII centuries.), Chapel Capella-Spending with the famous icon of Madonna di Capo-Column (XIX in.), storage of antiquities Antiquarian di Torre-No, Municipal art gallery, Provincial Museum of Contemporary Art, and Archaeological Museum With an extensive collection of historical values ​​found in the excavations of an ancient crotone.

Cities of Italy Crotone

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