Cities of Italy: Civitavec

CivitaVecchia’s resort town (Civtencecchia), who has grown in place of Ancient Centouumchell, replaced the assistant as the main port of Rome in the first century. NS. and continued to remain so for almost two thousand years.

Fame city brought his impressive Fortress Fort Michelangelo (XVI B.), Rocca Castle (XV B.), San Francesco d’Mascisi Cathedral (1610 g.), Terms Taurine Northern outskirts of the city, National Archaeological Museum And notorious "Miracle Civitavekkia" (in 1995 Statue of Madonnina de Chivitavekia, Standing in a private town of the town, suddenly the beginning "cry in bloody tears", And to the present, this unusual phenomenon was recorded more than a dozen times).

Reviews and studies of trips

Mediterranean Cruise on Celebrity Summit

Cruise "Classic Mediterranean" had a route very saturated: Barcelona – Villefranche – Livorno – Civitavekia – Naples – Piraei – Istanbul – O. Mykonos – Split – Venice. Read more →

Freemanincruise | October 2011

Cities of Italy Civitavekia

Italian chain of impressions: Civitavekye and Grosseto

When the acute oxide of Antique, Emperor Traian took the historical decision – to build a harbor in 80 km north-west of Rome, which was carried out between 106 and 108. N.NS.. Built not in a clean field – the Etruscan settlement already existed here. Polyny Jr. first mentions the town of Centum Cellae in a letter dated 107 g. N.NS. Read more →

Nat Ka | July 2007

What to see around Rome

Rome is unmanaged, and when it seems that now you saw everything, something new – I am convinced of this from a trip to the trip. However, you are not at all necessary to stubbornlyroiding guidebooks / books on art or clean the street behind the street, secretly dreaming about holidays somewhere on the islands, away from all this culture? If the time for inspection of the eternal city you have enough, you can diversify a trip to the ripping around the neighborhoods of Rome. Read more →

Cities of Italy Civitavekia

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