Cities of Italy: Brescia

Brescia (Brescia) is considered a large industrial city in the north of Italy, little attractive for tourists. However, the historic center of the city deservingly beautifully and certainly deserves attention, and pleasant valleys spread around the city with many historical sights, vineyards with thematic routes and resort lake Garda.

Attractions Brescia

The center of Brescia is concentrated around the square of the Pope Paul VI with two Delskie Cathedrals: Duomo New (XIX century) and Duomo-Vecchio (X-XV centuries.). Nearby is beautiful Town Hall (XI-XIII centuries.). It is located on Piazza-della-Lodge Square, entirely created under the influence of Venetians.

  • Piazza della-Logia
  • Duomo Novo and Duomo-Vecchio

The most fantastic Museum of Brescia – Santa Giulia. Recently, he was listed in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It is located in the historic building of the Benedictine Women’s Monastery of St. Salvatore and St. Julia, founded in 753. Later building occupied the Romans, which decorated his floors with mosaic, and walls and altari – frescoes. The museum is divided into two parts. One – represents the history of the monastery and subsequent periods. Visitors can admire the skillful work of the ancient masters, artists and architects. In another half of the museum, archaeological exhibits are exhibited and temporary exhibitions are held on historical topics.

  • Frescoes in Santa Giulia
  • Mosaic in Santa Giulia

Above the city on the hill of Chemneo rises lock, in which it is nice to take a walk and admire the types of bresh. In the premises of the castle there are two museums dedicated to the arms and military glory of the region.

  • Gateway in the castle
  • Castle on top
  • Cities of Italy Brescia

In the center of bresh attention is worthy Capitol. It is now closed for visitors, but it is assumed that it is an oxygen in 2013. In addition, in the city center you can meet many traces of the stay of the ancient Romans. From those times, several houses have been preserved, the walls of which demonstrate specific masonry.

  • Pantheon in Brescia
  • Ancient Roman columns

In Brescia and its surroundings, many other palaces and churches that can be visited if you have time. In particular, Mill Mille Miglio, dedicated to the famous race on retro cars. It also contains a separate exposure dedicated to the BEATLES group.

Entertainment in Brescia

Many festivals are held in Brescia, including winemaking.

In the presence of time, it is necessary to visit the city Opera, Deliciously beautiful in.

The most famous event in the city – the rally of the old car Mille Miglia. Route Brescia – Rome – Brescia Long 1600 km can do anyone. Cars can be rented.

Around Brescia

North of Brescia are located Lake Garda – Popular resort both among Italians and foreign tourists. The south bank has a magnificent balneological resort. All Western Coast is assigned to vineyards, whose wines are considered one of the best in the country.

  • Images in Vale Camonik
  • Church in Vale Camonik

Valley Kamonika Attracts tourists by national parks with excellently preserved on-sized pictures (the best of them is in the village Capo di Ponte, entered into the UNESCO list), as well as several churches with stunning frescoes inside (including Church of Santa Maria della Neva v Pysonier).

Reviews and studies of trips

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Castle in Brescia and a bit in the city

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Cities of Italy Brescia

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