Cities of Italy: Bormio

Former northern outpost of the Roman Empire, based on approximately I in. N. NS., The town of Bormio (Bormio) is located in the Real Alps on the very northeast of Alta-Raltelle, on the border with the National Park Stelvio. Lying at the foot of the peak of Chima Bianca (CIMA Bianca, 3017 m), at an altitude of about 1225 meters above sea level, Bormio has a very soft climate and is surrounded by wooded slopes with hundreds of thermal sources, therefore it is considered one of the best albalum and thermal resorts. Italy – the first baths were built here by the Romans. However, worldwide glory brought by the ski slopes, the total length of which exceeds 65 km with a drop of 1792 meters heights. And the legendary Cup route Stelvio stretches more than 4 km. Serving a riding zone of about 30 lifts (2 gondolas, 2 cabins, 7 chairlings and 19 buffered).

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Professionals can immediately climb to the top of Chima Bianca – the descend is an interesting, but dangerous (along the highway stretched safety nets). Outside the tracks – excellent riding in virgin, especially on the slope of Le Motte – Og. The best complex tracks include "Black" Betul, Valbella, Adler, Jenziano and Bukanev, as well "Red" Bambi al-Solet, Dosacchio, Chevedale and del Alpe (length more than 5 km). Several tracks allow you to cross the entire ski zone completely, without making stops on gentle runs. Therefore, it is not surprising that anywhere else in the other place of Italy does not pass such a number of international competitions of the highest rank. However, there are a lot of simplel slopes, a large fitness center, a children’s skiing center, a sports center, more than 15 km of low ski tracks, an indoor rink, and a snowboard park.

In the city of Bormio, many cultural and historical monuments, including the Cathedral of St. Vitaly (XII in.), Alberti Tower (XV in.), chimes (XV-XVII centuries.), Palace of De Simononi (XVIII in.), the terms of band-aest and more "young" Objects, as well as nearby Alpine Botanical Garden Registration.

A few hotels of different levels are concentrated in the resort area (there is one five-star hotel Bagni Di Bormio Spa Resort, as well as many hostels, removable apartments and apartments. Tourists are provided by the extensive possibilities of APRES-SKI – a huge number of cafes and restaurants, several discos, bars and nightclubs, a variety of diverse stores. In addition, thermal and mud complexes are opened in the city, where you can relax, make SPA procedures and improve health.

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40 minutes drive from Bormio is a small charming town Threaters, known to the most interesting monuments of history, including the on-era of the era of Neolith, the ruins of the medieval castle, church crypt with the remains of the views of the plague epidemic (XIV in.), the city cathedral with the famous marble iconostasis and Villa Visconti (XVI in.) with first-class enotek.

Cities of Italy Bormio

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