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Located in the northern part of the city of Bolzano (Bolzano, Bozen) lies in the southern spurs of the Sarentini mountain range, the merger of the Isarco River and many small rivers.

The capital of the region is widely known for its original culture – almost three quarters of local residents speak Italian, a quarter-in German, but in the mountains there are whole settlements, where the language of everyday communication is the Retoromans. His city history leads from 15 g. to N. NS., When the Druzus, the adopted son of the emperor August, built a bridge and watchdog. Now this is a recognized center of mountain tourism, in all directions of which routes in the most picturesque districts of the Alps are missing, to the best ski and balneoclimatic resorts of northern Italy.

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  • Cities of Italy Bolzano
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  • Archaeological Museum of South Tyrol
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The heart of the city is the square Piazza-Walter, Or Walterplatz, built in 1808 in honor of Walter von der Fogelweed – the most famous medieval German poet (1170-1230.). On the square rise Gothic Cathedral (1184-1382.) with bell tower (height 65 m, XVI in.) and Fogelweed statue. Also attractive castles Marechchio, Rondklo and Firmiano, baroquic Church of Kalvario (Kalvarienkirche, 1684 g.) and stone Spire Virgolo (Firm) near Mount Collier (Kolern), old Saint-Virgilio Church (St. Figille Capella, XII in.), Victory Monument in the First World War (1928 G.) as well as famous Archaeological Museum of South Tyrol (It is kept Siemilaun, father, or Frosen-Fritz – all these names of the unique mummy of a person frozen in the glaciers of the Alps approximately 5300 years ago and found in 1991 at the Siemilaun glacier).

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