Cities of Italy: Bologna

City of Bologna (Bologna, Bulaggna) – the administrative center of the province of the same name and the entire region of Emilia-Romagna – is located on the lower slopes of the mountains between the valleys of Reno and Savena.

Bologna was founded under the name of Felsin yet Etrusca (approximately VI in. to N. NS.) and is the oldest University Center for Peace, the famous Alma Mater Studiorum (the first university was founded here in 1088.), as well as one of the most developed cities of Italy – in terms of living, it occupies one of the leading places in the EU.


The center of this magnificent city capable of competing on the beauty of monuments with Venice and Florence is the area Piazza-Maggiore, which is incoming unfinished facade Church of San Podronio (1388-1515., One of the largest cathedrals of the planet) and nearby palaces Palazzo dei notay, Palazzo-Comunale With the tower and the statue of Pope Gregory XIII (it was he who introduced the Gregorian calendar), as well as Palazzo del Subse, Behind which are beautiful the fountain "Neptune" (1566 g.) and the so-called "Palace King Enzo" (Palazzo di Re-Enzo, XII B.).

On the other side of Via Rizzoli, two towers rise – Ansinelli (98 m) and Garisdenda (48 m), and just below Via-Dzamboni – Church of San Jacomo Maggiore (XIII-XIV BB.), University (the oldest in Europe – XI in.) And gallery Pinakotek (A large collection of art works XVI in.).

Nearby can be detected Church of Santa Maria dei-service and a whole group of other medieval buildings constituting the complex San Stefano: Palazzo-Della Merchanation, Palazzo-Bevylakva (Renaissance masterpiece) and Basilica San Domenico (Saint Dominic’s burial place, whose grave was decorated with the best masters of the Renaissance).

Also in the old center area are located Palazzo del Archiginasio (University’s former building) with a luxurious courtyard, Municipal Archaeological Museum (Huge assembly of ancient objects), church Metropolitan and San Michele In-Bosco, Basilica San Francesco, San Bartolomeo and San Paolo, as well as world famous basil Madonna di San Luke In Colle-Della Guardia, with the leading unique gallery from 666 Arches leading to it (total length – 3.5 km) and "oblique towers" Dei Torri.

Numerous fame Arcade Cities whose total length is more than 38 km (with surrounding towns – 45 km), ancient gates Port-Saragossa (The last fragment of the once powerful system of urban fortifications, reaching more than 7.5 km long), San Pietro Cathedral, green Zone Parco-di Villa-sip, lock Castello Di Serravalle and abbey Abbey di Montevalelo, Lovely Park Jardini Margherita, as well as original museums Companies Ducatti, Maserati, Lamborghini and Malaguti.

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Cities of Italy Bologna

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Cities of Italy Bologna

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