Cities of Italy: Bari

The capital of Apulia is the city of Bari – is one of the oldest and most famous settlements of the region. The history of the ancient Barium, as the city was then called, traced at least before the first millennium to our era, in the first century of our era through the Barium, the famous road Trayan is held, and then the city falls under control of Saracin, the Byzantines, then Normanov, gradually becoming the second According to the significance of the economic and cultural center of the southern part of the country. This is also facilitated by a convenient location on the peninsula, on each side of which there are good harbors (Bari was one of the largest ports of Italy in antiquity, it remains that in our days). And in the hilly areas around the city, grain, olives and grapes grow around the city.


Main landmark Bari and one of the main shrines of the Christian world – Saint Nicholas Basilica (1087 g.) Where are the peaceful relics of Nikolai Wonderworker, who in 1087 were secretly exported from the world of Lycian and since then is stored in this church, turning it into one of the centers of Orthodoxy.

  • Street in the old part of Bari
  • Saint Nicholas Basilica
  • Bari. View of the embankment
  • Walls in Harbor Bari
Cities of Italy Bari

Also widely known cathedral Church of St. Sabina (1170-1178.), Orthodox Nikolskaya church (Church of the Saint and the Wonderworker Nicholas in Baryigrad), Castle Castello-Swivel (XIII B.) and ancient Petrucelli theater.

Around the city

Around the city there is a huge number of medieval castles, the most famous of which are Palsyano (X B.), Bari (XII B.), Carbonara (X-XI centuries.), Forge-del Campo, Markione and Conversane (both – XVI-XVIII centuries.), Mall di Bari (Anzhuy Castle, XIII B), Monopoli, Castel del Monte (XIII B., entered into UNESCO World Heritage List) and others.

Also worth visiting the town Grottal, famous for its ceramics and an ultra-modern aircraft manufacturer, in Trani With His Majestic Cathedral (1056-1186.) and castle (1233 g.), as well as in Ostuni – "in the world in the world in the world", as it is called the Italians.

Reviews and studies of trips

A small trip

Apulia is mostly plain territory, without mountain serpentines, with pretty good roads and high-speed motorways. Read more →

Miysha | July 2015

Holy City Bari

It is in Bari, or rather, our pilgrims were driving in Bar-Grad, starting from the 11th century, when the remains of Nicholas of the Richnik were brought to the city. Read more →

Maya Cooks | Spring 2016

Cathedral in the name of St. Nicholas in Bari. Crypt

The main facade of the Basilica is concluded between the two towers and has three portals. Three windows above them were used as niches for statues. Left – Byzantine tower, right – Norman. Read more →

Cities of Italy Bari

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