Cities of Italy: Assisi

Southeast Perugia lies the city of Assisi (Assisi) – one of Catholicism centers in the country. Holy Francis was born here – one of the influential religious figures of the Middle Ages and the patron of Italy.


The first monastery and the spiritual center of the Order of Franciscanians was founded in Assisi – Sakro-Convention (1228-1239.). It contains the Church of San Francesco-In-Assisi with the frescoes of Jotto and the grave of this saint, as well as an extensive complex of other cult facilities. Monastery and Church of San Francesco are included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

In the city most interesting Benedictine San Pietro Monastery, Church Borgo Argentino, Built on the site of the Roman Forum, Area Piazza del Comuno, Portico Temple Minerva, ruin Aqueduka And Etruscian Urban Walls, Franciscan Monastery Eremo-Delle Carchary, Basilica Santa Chiara (1257-1265.) At the grave of the Holy Clara of Assis, Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and Keysea-Nuovo (1615 g.), San Rifino Cathedral (XII-XVI centuries.), Castle Palazzo dei priori (Collection of the city art gallery), Archaeological Museum Form-Romano, Church of Santa Maria deli Angeli (XVI B., 4 km from the city) with the tiny Church of Portcinunola (1045 g.), as well as two impressive castle, of which are best preserved Rocca-Maggiore (XIV-XVI centuries.).

Cities of Italy Assisi

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