Cities of Italy: Aosta

The capital of the region – the city of Aosta lies at an altitude of about 585 meters above sea level, on the left bank of the Dora Baltea River when it is pushed to the Bouce.

This is one of the most unusual cities of Italy, built in typical "Gorsky style" from wild stone. At the same time, it has a notable mark in history – the local tribes of Salads spun a lot of blood to the Romans, for which their ancient capital in 26 g. to N. NS. It was destroyed to the ground, and the Roman fortress of Augusta, from which the modern capital of the autonomous region rose in her place, was built in her place.


With Roman times have been preserved Arch Augusta, Pretorian gate, theatre, Covered gallery Cryptoporto, arsenal with three small temples, Ruins of the old fortress With Torre del Pilearon Tower, Roman ruins Amphitheater And Villas Della Cocolate, and bridge Through the River Dora Baltea.

  • Aosta. Fortress facilities
  • Famous Arch Augusta
  • Aqueduct Bridge Grand Arvou
  • Cities of Italy Aosta
  • Building of the Archaeological Museum of the Valle-D&# 39; Aosta

Also a lot of monuments of the Middle Ages – Colleagidal Church of Sant Orso, towers Content families de Ground and Dei Balivi, Monastery Santa Catherine, square Piazza-Ronkas, Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta with excellent museum, chapel San Cristo and Town Hall.

Around the city

Not far from Aosta are famous Saint Didier Terms, mineral springs In Kamadjore (right at the foot of Monte Bianco) and in San Vincenzo, as well as many ancient Fortress facilities – Bard, Phoenis, Isson, Verres, Shatlar, Ussel-Chaytion, Savoy-Gresson-Saint-Jean, Saint-Pierre (now there is a regional Museum of Natural Sciences), Sario de la Tour-Saint-Pierre, as well as Royal Palace in Sarre.

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