Cities of Italy: Alberobello

50 kilometers from Bari lies a unique town of Alberobello, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The reason is unique white houses "Trullie", Built from roughly processed limestone blocks on the principle of dry masonry (without solution). Such prehistoric construction technology is used in this region to the present, and people live in these houses to this day.

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Cities of Italy Alberobello

In total, there are about 1400 of these characteristic buildings with conical roofs, which are also made of stone tiles on special technology, and throughout Pulia there are more than twenty thousand! And in Alberobello itself, there are restaurants, hotels, shops and even a cathedral built in this amazing technique.

Since 1925, the construction of such houses is prohibited by law, so these days they are not only monuments of the history and skill of the ancient builders, but also a kind of open-air museum – new "Trullie" Simply do not exist.

You can get to Alberobello from Bari by train from Sud-Est train station. Time on the road is about one and a half hours. Ticket price there and back – 9 euros.

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The name of the city happened from the oak forest scared here. It is known for the whole world. Due to amazing white houses, which are similar to the dwellings of fabulous characters and are listed by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more →

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