Cities of Italy: Agrigento

On the southern coast of Sicily lies the city of Agrigento – Ancient Akregas, Motherland Empedocla.


Here you can see seven doric temples (VI-V BB. to N. NS.) and the famous Valle dei-march ("Valley of the temples", The name is rather unusual because it is a mountain range, not a valley) – the sacred area in the southern part of the ancient city listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the largest and best of all the preserved areas of the ancient Greek settlements outside Greece. Also unique temples of Junon-Lakinia and Concordee with the surrounding early Christian catacombs, the ruins of Zeus temples (V in. to N. NS., The largest doric temple from ever built), Hephaest, Hercules and the sanctuary of Asclepia around the destroyed temple of Castor and Polluks (V in. to N. NS.), the cave deellin temple near the sanctuary of Demeters (the Church of San Biangio is erected over him), several classic cemeteries and the Church of San Nicola.

Most of the agriter himself is quite modern, but there are still a lot of medieval buildings, including the Cathedral (XIV in.), Church of Santa Maria de-Gling (built in the XIII century on the site of the ancient Greek temple), and there is also an excellent archaeological museum in which the items found on the excavations of the ancient city are stored.

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Cities of Italy Agrigento

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