Israeli City: Safat (Cefat, Safed)

Safed (Cefat, Safed) is located on top of one of the mountains of the upper Galilee (800 m). This is one of the four sacred Jewish cities and one of the oldest (and mysterious!) Israeli places. Kabbalah’s spiritual center, one of the unpleasant cities-fortresses of Zelotov, one of the largest holy cities of Judaism – in our days, Safat is famous for the artists, art galleries and workshops in the charming quarter of artists, their ancient synagogues ABOKA, Banai, Caro and Ha-Ari.

From the height of urban quarters there is a majestic panorama of almost all of Galilee – from the Lake Yam Kinetets in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the West and from the mountains Hermon and the Valley of Jordan in the north to the Nazare Hills in the south. There are a lot of interesting ancient settlements around, and in the city most in the world in the world in the world’s annual World Music Festival Kleizer (a special extrastuturgical style and genre of Eastern European Jews), many elements of which are perfectly familiar to residents of the former USSR.

Reviews and studies of trips

900 meters up! To the city of Kabbalists, in the city of Masters

900 meters up. On a winding road, one of the four cities of the ancient Israel, where never, despite the pogroms and destruction, did not stop the Jewish life for a second. Read more →

Cities of Israel Safat (Cefat, Safed)

City – inspiration

Safed is a multifacent city. City of Vera and Kabbalah. Sky city. The city in which freely breathes and thinks well. Walk around the artist quarter can take three hours. Read more →

Safed and topography

Walking in scented – one pleasure. If only spit on the card. Because on the map the straight street is indicated, and in fact she looks like so. All these stairs – one street. Read more →

Cities of Israel Safat (Cefat, Safed)

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