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In the area of ​​the Lebanese border, the mountains come close to the sea and cut down down, exposing the white limestone breed, very reminding the Dudrian rocks in the UK. White rock Rosh Khanikra is visible even from Haifa, located almost 40 km from here. Rosh Khanikra is a tourist object fairly well known in Israel, which is a network of caves in a chalk rock over the sea, a cable car and a railway tunnel, through which trains came from Egypt to Turkey. During the war of independence, in 1948, all bridges and railway canvas were blown up and not restored to this day. It is very symbolic and the stool wall of the tunnel itself (Lebanon is already behind it).

The border with Lebanon formally passes along the row of the mountain, but in fact on the other side of the fence, along the entire line of the border, there are more than 6 thousand UN Observers, and the Lebanese power is read only 10-15 km north of the border. From the day of the formation of Israel, this border was nothing but a line of fire. There is not a single current accounting point between Israel and Lebanon, no tourist crosses here the border for 57 years of the existence of Israel. Nevertheless, Rosh Khanikru (from the Lebanese side, the border post is called En-Nakura) everything is familiar "Border", And she even turned into a local attraction, where they come to families on vacation and take pictuses on the background "Beirut – 120 km". Israeli family fathers tell the kids about how in early youth – in 1978 and in 1982, visited the neighboring state on tanks. And be sure to add hope that, probably, someday will be possible to go there and in the role of tourist.

The second attraction of Rosh Khanikra – the brine-penetrated with labyrinths, filled with sea water and formed as a result of both geological and biological processes, as well as as a result of the continuous impact of sea waves on the soft rock. There are descended on the funicular, right from the border gearbox.

During the period of the British mandate, a tunnel was laid through the cliff, along which the roadway and the railway line were launched, actually binding Egypt with Europe through Palestine. This road is the only land way to Africa. In 1942, the first trains were launched, and it was through this railway the British to the Black Continent of Ammunition and Equipment To Consider Rommel. After the war, in 1947, the launch of the first passenger train from Europe to Africa was planned, but it was not destined to happen. The war began for independence, the full-scale battles between Jewish settlers and Arabs unfolded in Galilee, and on March 14, 1948, a Jewish sabotage group "Hagana" He broke through Roshikra and blew up a tunnel and a bridge, fearing the fact that immediately after the care of the British Arabs would try to take advantage of this expensive in order to deliver ammunition and heavy machinery.

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Cities of Israel Rosh Khanikra

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