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Jaffa (in another tradition – Jaffa, Yaffo or Ioppia) is one of the most ancient cities of Israel, as well as a large port. On one of the legends, the name comes from the word "Yafa", which translated means "beautiful". The first mention of Jaffa belongs to the XV century BC, when the city was mentioned in the Egyptian chronicles in the list of cities that were captured by Pharaoh Tathmos. Archaeological finds confirmed that here in the XVIII century BC There were a developed city here.

With the name of Jaffa associated with many legends and legends. So, according to one of these legends, it was in Jaffa who built his ark. According to the ancient Greek myths, in these places was chained to the rock of Andromed, which he saved Perseus. It is also considered that exactly from here went on the trip the prophet ion. Here the apostle Peter was resurrected a righteous tavif.

  • Near the old city, Jaffon are excellent Mediterranean beaches
  • Church of St. Peter at sunset

The history of the city is associated with numerous conquests and seizures. Phoenicians, Assyrians, Romans, Arabs were attacked on the cities, Alexander Macedonian, Egyptians, Philistines, Napoleon, Turks and many others. After each of the seizures, the city was destroyed almost to the ground, after which he was rejected again.

In 1950, Jaffa was attached to Tel Aviv and is now its historical and tourist center. Despite the impressive age and not an easy story, Jaffa looks very modern. It was completely renovated, many shops, cozy fish restaurants and cafes opened here. At the narrow streets of the old town of Jaffa, the unique atmosphere, attracting tourists.

  • Panorama Jaffo
  • Cities of Israel Jaffo
  • Streets of the Old Town look very mysterious and attractively, especially at night, when lights ignite

Attractions Jaffa

Old Jaffa has long been merged with Tel Aviv to one megapolis and is now turned into a large tourist and art center with numerous restaurants, galleries, workshops, flea markets, salons, museums and archaeological excavations. The main population here is also peculiar – artists, musicians, sculptors and other people "Creative specialties". According to the old streets, Jaffa can be wandering infinitely, on every turn and every home has something new for himself.

Interesting theatre "Ha-simt" ("Pereulok"), Museum of Antiquities Tel Aviv and Jaffa and Tel Aviv and Jaffa History Museum, theatre "Gesher" in the room "Leg" (here play in our), Salon Sculptures Frank Meisler, underground Archaeological Museum on the area of ​​kduimim or our-speaking disco "Megapolis".

In the old Jaffa, many art galleries and shops, among whom most interesting Gallery of manual knitwear "Gabrieli".

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Cities of Israel Jaffo

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