Israeli City: Ein-Bokek

Ein-Bokek is the main and most popular resort on the Dead Sea, there are about 30 hotels, several shopping centers, many restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. At the same time, as such, Ein-Bokek is not a city, there are no residential neighborhoods in it, but only hotels and recreation area. All employees and hotel staff come here to work from the nearby cities of Arad and Dimona, which is 30 and 40 kilometers west. In addition to the best on the entire coast of the tourist infrastructure, in Ein-Bokek, also sandy beaches, which is not very smooth, whose beaches are almost everywhere.

The town is a magnificent journey basis for the south of Israel. Among the main attractions located within a radius of several tens of kilometers from Ein Bokki: The Massada Fortress, built by King Herod Great, Oasis of the Dead Sea, Kumran National Park, Mount Sodom. From Jerusalem from 1.5 to 2 hours ride by bus, to Eilat on the shores of the Red Sea – 3 hours.

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On the shore of the Dead Sea

At the top of the southern half of the Dead Sea there is a hotel town Ein-Bokek. This place is very much like some Turkish resorts, wherees, in addition to hotels, beaches, a couple of shops and restaurants nothing in general. Read more →

Cities of Israel Ein-Bokek

How we bathed in the Dead Sea

It seemed to me that the beaches on the Dead Sea should be a lot. However we were waiting for a big disappointment. It turned out that the dead sea dries up, and was already divided into two parts, a large northern and small southern. Read more →

097mcn | summer 2013

Dead Sea for one day

What turned out: she went with normal light skin, crawled with red sputted salts. Hurt all this week. In general, without recommendation, doctor do not climb into the water. Not to all she suits read more →

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