Israeli City: Caisaria

Built by King Herod and served as the capital of the country during the Roman rule, Caisari Palestinian first mentioned in the middle of the III in. to N. NS. Nowadays, almost the entire territory of the ancient city is part of the National Park.

The oldest theater detected on the territory of Israel is preserved, the ruins of magnificent "Palace on Reef", Amphitheater Tsar Herod (Itstadion), plots of urban streets of the Roman and Byzantine periods, the complex of the premises of the Public Bath of the Byzantine period with a magnificent decoration, a large artificial port of the Allensky era and the fortified city-port of the Arab period. It is also worth seeing the ruins of the temple complex, in which the buildings of the Roman, Byzantine, Arab periods and the epoch of the Crusaders were mixed. The area of ​​the statues of the Roman period, the ruins of the synagogues of the Byzantine period, the remains of the Roman fortress wall, the Hippodrome (II in. N. NS.), Fragments of aqueduct and museum rally.

And the modern town of Caisaria (Cesaria), lying a little north of Ruins, is considered the first (until 1999 – and the only one) the golf resort of the country, in which you can relax at the sea, visiting the ruins of the ancient capital, the rally museum and the industrial park of Caisaria.

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