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Lying in the south-east of the country, at the base of the Bay of the same name, the city of Cork (CORK) was founded in the VI century by the Holy Finbarrome, which laid the church on the southern bank of the Lee River. Nowadays, this is the second largest city of Ireland, as well as the administrative center of the title of the same name. The city center is located on the island between the two sleeves of the Lee River.

Cork is a surprisingly attractive place – strict and business during the working day, it is widely known as one of the centers of active nightlife, replete with colorful clubs and pubs. North of the river, in the Shender’s area, lies the most interesting historical part of the city with its turn of old quarters. Attractions of the southern part of the city include the Protestant Cathedral of the Cathedral Finbarra (built at the very place where the first Cathedral was built by this popular local saints), the crust museum (largely dedicated to the national liberation movement, in which Cork played an important role), crust prison XIX century, city hall and numerous churches, breweries and chapels.

Cork is proud of its cultural heritage, and besides a huge number of excellent pubs, the famous opera is located in the city, Crawford Art and Firkin-Crane Centr. A day trip from Cork to Blairni Castle is popular, where the huge number of tourists flock to see the famous Blackstone, allegedly bringing good luck and giving a gift of eloquence. His, according to the legend, gave the master of the Witch’s castle, which he saved when the witch was tone. Stone mounted high in the wall of the tower and to "Take it strength", Need to kiss it.

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A decent exposition of old buses near the city of Cork

Without unnecessary modesty, I declare that the other day I visited the most interesting museum, which even Irish people know, the inhabitants of the crust, not to mention tourists and lovers of such places. Read more →

Conrad | Summer 2014

Cities of Ireland Cork

Ireland: Technical Report

I had about two weeks, it turned out from this from the southern half of the island: Dublin – Kilkenny – Waterford – Cork – Limerick – Galway – Atlon – Dublin. Read more →

Caedwen | Summer 2014

Cork. Sunday morning walk

A small morning walk on Sunday cloudy in the center of the city of Cork. There are practically no people on the streets. Closed shops and cafes. The city begins to be animated only by noon read more →

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