Iraq City: Mosul

Mosul City (El Malsil, Musil) is the center of the province of the eponymous province lying in the north of Iraq (396 km north-west Baghdad). It is nominally part of Kurdistan, but is under the control of the Central Government of Iraq.

Fame The city brought his weaver (it was here that Muslin’s first began to be told, who got his name from this city), Mosulsky University (one of the largest in Iraq) and the famous Ninevel – The capital of the ancient Assyrian kingdom, whose excavations are conducted on the hills of Kujundzhik near Mosul. Even at the dawn of Civilization Ninevia was considered the ancient city of the world. In the book "Being" says: "Assore was out of this land and built Ninevia". According to the archaeologists, the date of its foundation can be considered the V Millennium to the new era, and already in VIIII in. to N. NS. Nineve becomes the Third Capital of Assyria and one of the largest cities of that time, the real center of civilization of the ancient world.

Cities of Iraq Mosul

Glory to the city brought his wide streets (Central Tsarskaya Street reached 26 meters in width), the colossal palace of King Ashurbanipal (VIII-VII centuries. to N. NS., His excavations and make up the center of the modern archaeological site), the Palace of Sinacherib – the founder of the city, the famous Tsarist Kuyundzhik library with a huge collection of clinboke plates (Archaeologists have found over 30 thousand. It was here that the text of the poem about Gilgamesh was found for the first time), fortress walls with a total length of more than 12 km with 15 gates, as well as numerous sculptural monuments (including the famous statues of winged bulls and lions, decorated the once city gate) and clear planning of urban quarters (It is believed that it was the first city in the history of mankind, created by a single town planning scheme). The small museum at the gate of Narrill still keeps unique items found in Mosul’s land, but many samples of this cult has long been exported from the territory of the country (for example, huge bas-reliefs from the walls of the Ashurbanipal Palace are located in the London Museum, and their copies – in the Moscow Museum of Arts name Pushkin).

Despite the complete destruction of the ancient city in VII in. to N. NS., The Assyrians did not disappear from the face of the earth, and their descendants still celebrate Nineveia Day and the post Baut D’NNVI ("Wish Ninevei") who are considered the most important celebrations in the local tradition.

Cities of Iraq Mosul

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