Cities of Iran: Shiraz

Shiraz was one of the most important cities in the medieval Islamic world and the capital of the country during the reign of the Dynasty of Zand (XVI-XVIII centuries.) when he reached his heyday. In many medieval literary works Shiraz – City of Science, Poetry, Roses and Wine. Today, this ancient city, lying at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level at the foot of Alla-from Akbar, 935 km south Tehran, is the capital of the province of Farc and is an extensive and colorful settlement with wide, ashovaya trees, with a large number of monuments, Gardens and mosques.

The most interesting is the huge University of Shiraza, the fortress Arch-Karimkhani, Palace Bagram (XVIII in.), Majestic Shah Cherag Mosque (XIV in.), Nasir-Ol-Milk Mosque, Armenian Church (XVII in.), garden hafhesy and tomb classic Persian poetry hafis (1324-1391., "Hafez-E Shirazi"), the grave of the great poet Saadi (1209-1291., lines from his poem "Gazal" engraved on tombstone), Mausoleum Haji-Kermaki, Shah Sherag Mausoleum (IIX in., one of the holy places of Shiites), Mosque Masjid-E Wakyl ("Mosque defender", 1773., Restored in 1825.) And Bani Wakyl, Friday Mosque Masjid-E Attica (894-1251.), huge "New mosque" (1219-1236.), ancient goal Kuran, Buck-E Eram house (XIX in., Now it is located in the Institute of Asia), Mausoleum Such Hraft Tanan ("Grave of Semi"), grave Shah Shodja, Koran Gate (approximately x in.) and the building of the Sarai Moshire (1871., Market Caravan Saraight). Bazaar, built by Karim Khan, in its size, massiveness and beauty of brickwork is unique even for Iran. The bazaar is almost in the center of the city, so the whole business life of shiraza is already many centuries in this quarter.

With such ancient history and such an abundance of monuments of the museums of the city, respectively, also have rich collections. It is worth visiting the Pars Museum (collection of ancient works of art and crafts), Museum of the Iranian Print Agency (a huge exposition of the relics of the Zanda dynasty), Museum of Naporthastan-Gavam (Archaeological finds), Museum of Couple (Relics of the Dynasty of the Zanda), Military Museum of Atifabad, Anatomy Museum (self Very unusual phenomenon for the Islamic world), Museum of the History of Nature at Schiraz University and Hraft Tanan Museum (History of the Zand Dynasty).

Parks with magnificent vegetation – one of the attractions of Shiraza. Broad stripe they pull through the whole city, giving shadow and providing streets unique charm. Deserve admiration for the Botanical Garden and Orangery Gavam, the Garden of Tank Eram ("Garden of Eden") in which the Palace of Hajar is located (XIX.) and a beautiful pond, as well as luxurious gardens in the traditional Persian style – Northern, Golshan, Atifabad, Khalili and Tuck-E Delgosha ("Garden of calm heart").

In the vicinity of Shiraza, you can visit Shapur Cave with a huge statue of King Shatpur, nearby ruins of his capital – Bishapura, Ruins of the cities of Fas and Firuzabad (GUR) with the majestic Nekolas Palace of Ardeshire-Babak and Fire Temple, Fort Gaby, Ruins of Gal-Aksa Dohtar, Temple Fire Kenarsia, Minaret Hoyd Mobaraki, Imamzade Ismail Meimanda, Garden of Roses Meimand, Lake Mecharla, as well as hot springs Tankab, Hanifan and Herke Herke.

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Cities of Iran Shiraz

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